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   Chapter 12 Easy To Be Bullied

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'Oh my God! This man He actually slapped me on the hip.'

Fiona then let out a loud burp and stared at him innocently. After a while, she burst into tears once more, hitting him on the chest, and blaming him indignantly.

"You're bullying me!"

It was so humiliating. His men were still there.

Jeremy sighed and gently pressed her against his chest. "Good girl, don't cry."

"Please let me go, okay?"

Fiona raised her gaze. The rain drops had mixed with her tears as the bitter taste filled her mouth. More than anything, she longed for freedom. If she didn't want to be treated like this anymore, she had to control her fate.

"Let you go?" Jeremy smiled. "You don't want get revenge? Tonight, you could have..."

He didn't even want to think about what could have happened if he hadn't arrived in time.

Fiona nodded. Of course, she wanted to revenge!

But when she thought of the Ling family's kindness to her over the years, she couldn't bring herself to be ungrateful. She swore that this would be the last time she helped the Ling family.

Jonas and Melissa had basically cut ties with her with what they had done to her tonight.

Their ruthlessness was too much.

"Since we are married, I will never let anyone hurt you again."

These words filled Fiona with so much warmth. In a daze, she gazed deeply into his eyes, chewing on her lower lip, unable to speak for a long time.

Jeremy was a little frustrated. "Don't you trust me?"

Silence fell upon them. Needless to say, Fiona was moved by his offer. At this time, the olive branch he gave her was exactly what she needed.

He shook his head and admitted, "Yes, I'm cynical when it comes to people. I also know that I don't have the right to inherit the property of the Fu family."

Fiona covered his mouth with her hand at once.

"I'm even worse."

She had a miserable family matched with a dark past.

The palm of her hand was burning as a hue of red tinted her cheeks. It wasn't easy to change his nature. Fiona had to think it over. She drew back her hand in one swift motion. After a while, she finally said, "Give me time to think about it."

On the way back home, Fiona kept sneezing.

"Sleep. I'll wake you up when we get home." Jeremy then wrapped her up in a blanket.

"Don't do anything while I'm sleeping."

She was scared. She tried her best to keep her eyes open, still wary about relaxing. She was afraid of what Jeremy would do.

Hearing that, Jeremy smiled helplessly. As far as he was concerned, he wasn't as despicable as she made him out to be. "Okay, I promise you."

"Promise me." Fiona extended her finger to him as she continued, "You swear."

A soft smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Jeremy responded lightheartedly, "Idiot!"

She leaned back against her chair and closed her eyes.

Sitting in the driver's seat, Jack couldn't help but chuckle when he saw Jeremy gently place her head on his shoulder. It seemed that Jeremy was contented.

'Jeremy is hopeless,' he thought.

"Focus." Jeremy stared at Jack.

Startled, Jack sat up and put on a serious look.

When they arrived at the villa, Jeremy got off the car with Fiona in his arms. Knowing that Jeremy was injured, Jack had offered to help. "Mr. Jeremy, let me help you. You're still injured."

Jeremy shot him daggers which led Jack to immediately step aside in silence.

"Was I hurt so badly that I can't even carry my own wife?"

Jack widened his eyes. He was speechless. He wanted to slap himself. Why did he have to say that? Jeremy just wanted to take care of his wife. Who was he to meddle? Was he trying to get into trouble?

Jeremy made his way upstairs. He gently put Fiona on the bed as he placed a hand over her forehead to check if she had a fever.

He instructed Ella to call the doctor, specifically requesting for a female one.

"What about Doctor Kurt?" Kurt Liang and Jeremy were on good terms. Whenever Jeremy got sick, he normally called Kurt Liang for help. So the staff in the villa all knew him.

Jeremy cast a glance at Ella. "Don't bother. Get me a female doctor."

Ella merely nodded. "All right. I'll call for one right now."

Jeremy then got up to lock the door. Fiona had broken out into a sweat. Her clothes were still soaking wet, so he helped her get changed but he closed his eyes as a way to avoid his desire.

He wiped her face and body with a warm towel, making sure to be gentle. He then pressed an ice bag unto her face. He could tell that she had been slapped.

He balled his hands into fists.

Did they really think they stood a chance against him?

He then opened the door—the doctor had already arrived.

After a careful examination, the female doctor prescribed some medicine. She gave Jeremy a few reminders. She then eyed him carefully. "Sir, do you want me to treat the wound on your forehead?"

"I'm good."

After the doctor packed up her things, Ella escorted her out.

Jeremy opened the bag of medicine. He found a lot of medicinal pills inside. Frowning slightly, he nudged the sleeping Fiona and motioned for her to open her mouth.

When a bitter taste filled her mouth, she grumbled, "What's that? I don't want to eat it. It tastes terrible."

She spit out the pills and pressed her lips together, eyebrows puckered together.

"Really?" With a mischievous smile, Jeremy neared towards her. "If you don't eat it, I'm going to figure out a way on my own."

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