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   Chapter 10 Spoil You

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By VERA BENSON Characters: 4708

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Fiona gripped the steering wheel tightly as Jonas and Melissa's words echoed in her ears. Her chest tightened rendering her unable to breathe as tears brimmed at the corners of her eyes.

The warmth she received from the Ling family was long gone.

The bar was located in a busy street. The minute she entered, she spotted Olivia merrily drinking with a group of rich-looking playboys.

Was she welcoming death with open arms?

'Isn't she a bit too excited for what's coming for her?' she thought.

"I don't think that bitch will not come tonight. I even asked my parents to tell her to come. You're lucky tonight. Remember to take photos. I want the whole world to know what kind of person she really is."

The playboys prattled, "Olivia, you're the best. We're counting on you tonight."

Olivia made sure to paint Fiona as a flirtatious woman to encourage the playboys to try their luck with her tonight.

She put on a proud smile. "Of course..."


Suddenly, she was slapped across the face.

She quickly turned. As expected, she found Fiona. It was Fiona who had slapped her. She immediately accused, "Fiona, how dare you? Who do you think you are? You bitch! How dare you hit me?"

It took her a while to recover. Her face was tinted with a flush, embarrassed by what had happened.

"So what?"

Fiona didn't realize how painful her circumstances were until she was used to replace Olivia in marrying a man who had trapped her while her own aunt and uncle threatened her.

Olivia raised her hand, ready to retaliate when she changed her mind halfway. She moved her head slightly to wink at the playboys.

The playboys approached Olivia as she screamed for help, obviously blown out of preparation.

Fiona snorted as she watched Olivia's poor acting. Coldly, she spat, "Olivia, stop the act. I don't buy it for one second. I'm here out of the goodness of my heart."

Still, that didn't stop them from putting on their performance.

She couldn't stand it anymore. "Do you think I'm going to save you? No way!"

She then felt someone pushing her. She staggered, almost falling over. Just as she had steadied herself, she was slapped on the face not just once but twice.

She clutched her face in pain. She blankly stared at Jonas—her uncle whom she thought cared about her. Disbelief was written all over h

er face.

What was going on? He had hit her because of what he saw. Olivia had set Fiona up.

"Fiona, I can't believe I was fooled by you. I didn't know how cruel you truly were until I saw it with my own two eyes. Get the hell out of here!"

Fiona felt so humiliated as she watched Jonas and Melissa assist their precious Olivia out of the bar. She wanted to follow them and explain herself, but Olivia suddenly turned her head to shoot daggers at Fiona.

The group of playboys then grabbed the opportunity to circle in on Fiona as they madly tore her clothes off. She shouted helplessly, "Uncle, help! Save me!"

"Bitch, why would we save you?"

Olivia shouted back as she stalked off with Jonas and Melissa.

Noise filled the bar and no one seemed to care.


She felt a chill on her shoulder as the corner of her dress was torn off.

She clutched her shoulders in horror as she warned, "Stay away from me or I'm calling the police!"

"Come on, lady! Stop struggling. We're just here to have fun. Let us spoil you!"

Fiona screeched once more, despair surging inside her. She stared the group of evil playboys down. "How dare you touch me?! I'm the daughter-in-law of the Fu family."

"What a joke!"

The playboys refused to believe her as they eyed her carefully, thinking she was beautiful enough. But marrying the young master of the Fu family who was a cripple was practically equivalent to ruining her life.

They said scornfully, "If you're the daughter-in-law of the Fu family, then I'm the king. There's no point in resisting, because you'll only suffer even more.

Caspar Fu is not a good husband. He's sexually impotent. Everyone knows that. Why else would his two fiancees die?"

Their leader then made his way through the crowd, gesturing to the other playboys to block the door. He took off his clothes as his mouth twitched in excitement. "I'm going first. You guys can go after."

"All right. You go first, Joey."

Fiona used all her strength to resist and struggle. She couldn't believe this was going to happen to her.

At that moment, she couldn't think of anyone else who cared about her except for Rita. Still, she didn't want to ask help from her because she didn't want to drag Rita into this.

A realization dawned upon her—her life was a failure.

Her hands then went limp.

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