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   Chapter 8 Save Me

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Fiona sat straight and quietly inched towards the window, trying to draw the line between her and Jeremy.

Oh God! It was their wedding night.

She then turned her head and looked at him through the rearview mirror. He was sitting in silence, seemingly innocent. If she didn't know any better, she would think he was harmless with that ingenuous smile of his.

While he could feel her gaze on him, he didn't say a word about it.

In just a few minutes, they arrived at the villa.

Jeremy felt a dull pain shoot through his back. Just as Fiona tried to walk away, he grabbed her hand and pressed his body against hers. He couldn't help but notice how frail she was.

She was so thin. Did she even eat?

"Help me."


To his surprise, Fiona didn't refuse. She glanced at his back and found that it had been soaked with blood. She helped him up the stairs and only stopped when they arrived at the master's bedroom.

She seemed hesitant, not knowing if she was to assume that this was going to be her room.

Jeremy said, "This is our room. Get in."

She decided to let it go. She could always change rooms again later on.

Using all her strength, she helped him get settled on the bed. Once he seemed comfortable already, she turned in an attempt to leave. A light smile played at the corners of his mouth as he watched her scurry away. He took out the marriage licenses and waved them. "Don't forget. It's our wedding night."

Was he kidding?

As much as she was grateful for him, it was still his decision to do that. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

"I still have homework to do. I'm going back to school."

"It's the weekend tomorrow. You don't have class," Jeremy snapped.

"You, you..." Fiona coughed. "I have a cold. It's contagious."

She sniffed, acting as if she was sick.

He kept his eyes glue

d on her and asked, "You don't want the money for the Ling family? Come here. I promise I won't force you."


Who the hell would be stupid enough to believe him?

The Fu family was unpredictable. Fiona needed to play her cards right if she didn't want to be deceived.

Jeremy was exhausted, his head was throbbing and his back still hurt. His body felt heavy. He just wanted some warmth. "Really, I won't force you," he pressed.

He just wanted to rest.

Fiona moved cautiously towards him. As soon as she was within reach, he pulled her to the bed. "Lie down with me. I'll stand by my word. I won't force you."

Nonetheless, she was still worried. "You have to keep your word or you'll have to suffer the consequences," she warned in all seriousness.

Not long after, she found that he had already fallen asleep. He was too strong for her that she couldn't move an inch. She blinked as she gazed at him—he was handsome.

She reached out and poked him in the face but he didn't stir. She continued to study his face. He remained motionless.

When she was sure that he was fast asleep already, she yawned and nestled herself in his warm chest. She figured she could sleep for a while and just wake up early. She was feeling pretty worn out.

Before she knew it, she was being awakened by a phone ringing. When she realized it was her phone, she tried to get up.

"Don't go. You should sleep more."

"No. I have to answer the phone. It could be something important."

"Leave it alone." Jeremy was up now. He rubbed his eyes and asked impatiently, "What could be so important at this hour?"

Since Fiona kept insisting, he had no choice but to let her go. If she continued to resist, he could hurt her and he didn't want that.

As soon as she answered the call, she heard a cry for help. "Fiona, come and save me. I could die!"

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