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   Chapter 7 Wedding Night

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"A tool for his revenge on the Fu family?"

Fiona began incomprehensibly muttering to herself before bursting into laughter. She was just a nobody. What on earth could she do? She couldn't help but feel flattered at Caspar's words.

She eyed him from head to toe. The coldness in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine. Even Jeremy was nowhere near as intimidating as Caspar was.

She thought back to what had just happened—how Jeremy shielded her from the cup that had been thrown in her direction.

Throughout the years, she had rarely felt warmth and protection from anyone. The moment Jeremy pulled her into his arms, she felt as if her entire world had been lit up.

It was nice to have someone care about her.

She didn't have to wear a mask anymore so she slowly took it off.

A trace of amazement flickered in Caspar's eyes. However, this didn't last long as he quickly collected himself. His stone cold voice pulled her back to reality.

"You don't believe me?" Caspar sneered as his hands clung to his wheelchair, his knuckles turning white from the pressure. He gnashed his teeth as he demanded, "Divorce him."

He wasn't going to let just anyone steal his possessions away from him, especially that illegitimate child.

Fiona felt speechless. 'I have to divorce Jeremy and marry this moody man?'

She smiled and asked meaningfully, "Mr. Caspar, you mean..."

Caspar cut her off before she could finish what she was going to say. "It still isn't too late for us to get married. You just got married today. You're still a virgin. I won't look down on you."

He wouldn't have any issues as long as she was still a virgin. He was obsessed with purity. He wasn't going to let Jeremy stain what belonged to him.

The Ling family's present belonged to him and only him.

Determination clouded over his face.

Fiona's heart raced. She saw right through his words. He might have said it to seem sweet but its ill intention was not lost on her. Even though she was poor and vulnerable, she wasn't going to let him push her around.

He might have said that he wouldn't look down on her but that didn't change the fact that she didn't like him.

She heard someone groan. She looked towards the study and mindlessly began walking towards it, consequently leaving Caspar behind.

The cry of pain continued, which roused her to knock on the door. But before she did it, the door was opened so suddenly that she stumbled. Luckily, Jeremy was able to catch her.

She stood up with his assistance, heart still fluttering in fear. In his deep magnetic voice, he asked, "Do you care about me?"

She was too angry to say anything. She didn't care about him at all. She just wanted to thank him for helping her earlier.

They still had a lot to settle between the two o

f them.

Jeremy flashed Phil and Caspar a light smile. "Thank you for your concern, Grandpa and Brother. It's still our wedding day so we're leaving now."

"You have to divorce her," Phil ordered. The S City was littered with beautiful women from noble and rich families. Why would he be interested in this little orphan girl?

Phil thought that after living for more than twenty years outside, Jeremy would be able to get the chance to correct his mistakes.

Caspar's case seemed hopeless—it was nearly impossible for him to recover. This meant that there was no way he would be able to inherit the business. The least Phil could do was find a wife for him. The daughter of the Ling family had already been engaged to Caspar even before she was born. A fortune teller had said that they would be happy together once they got married. Phil simply agreed as this was the only way the Ling family could get on his good side.

However, Jeremy didn't seem to take his order seriously.

"Why? I didn't marry Olivia Ling so I didn't steal my brother's wife. Grandpa, with all due respect, I refuse to get a divorce."

Phil was fuming. "I've set up many rich, young, and beautiful ladies for you to choose from. An unknown woman like her doesn't deserve to marry into our family."

He was well aware of the absurd issues that riddled the Ling family.

"I married her, not you," Jeremy said resolutely. He was not their puppet.

Fiona felt her head throbbing. Phil's voice was dripping with contempt. A mixture of shame and wrath welled up inside her. Then Jeremy grabbed her hand and said in a low voice, "Let's go home."

"Yes." She was deeply moved.

The idea of home instantly warmed her heart.

As soon as they got in the car, Fiona pushed his hand away and made sure to keep some distance between them. Jeremy chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" Did he not understand the gravity of the situation? She was tricked into getting a marriage license and was kept in the dark about the truth. Who wouldn't be upset?

She then questioned him, "Why did you want to marry me?"

It was her, not Olivia.

Her head was spinning that she wasn't able to pay much attention what was happening. It wasn't until they had arrived at Phil's house did she realize what was going on.

"Guess," Jeremy urged.

"No, tell me."

"I will but there's a price to pay." He pulled her into his arms. "You look beautiful without the mask."

As she tried to wriggle herself out of his embrace, she heard him groan.

"Oh... Did I touch your wound?" After all, he got hurt because of her. She didn't care about him but she was still grateful for what he had done for her.

He narrowed his eyes and said plainly, "It doesn't matter. But our meaningful wedding night is going to waste."

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