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   Chapter 2 I'm Not Afraid Of You

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By VERA BENSON Characters: 5348

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Suddenly, the tires rubbed against the ground and screeched at a high pitch. Swerving, the car managed to come to a halt beside Fiona.

Thankfully, she wasn't harmed in any way. Her jaw almost dropped as she froze on the sidewalk.

"Why are you standing here?" Olivia rolled down the car window and whistled at her to call her attention. She wore heavy make-up that was so thick it almost erased her original face. "My good cousin, I'm in such a bad mood today. And by the way, thank you for your help. Now, I really need you to take good care of the young master of the Fu family for me. Do you understand?"

Olivia smiled with pride. When she first heard that Fiona would be living with them, she felt nothing but upset. Since then, she tried to get rid of the annoying girl every chance she got. But now, thinking about, she even might have gotten the good end of a deal. After all, she would be hitting two birds with one stone; it was not that bad marrying a cripple.

At last, she could now receive her father's undivided attention. Fiona's innocent and annoying eyes would not be bothering her anymore.

Olivia thought evilly, 'After today, I am sure that God will help me torture that good-for-nothing Fiona.

You can be smarter and prettier than me all you want, but so what? I will make my own choices. You will have no choice but suffer with that cripple!'

Fiona clenched her fists. Taking a deep breath, she replied calmly, "Really? Oh, and Olivia, I heard that something was wrong with the Ling family's company? That's right. After I marry Mr. Caspar, I will start living the life that I've always dreamed of."

She was not that easy to be bullied, after all.

Suddenly, Olivia's face turned red with anger. "You... You have no business in running the Ling family's affairs! Have you realized it? I am the daughter of my parents, and you are nothing but a wretched shameless thief. For so many years, you have disgraced the Ling family. And now, you have no choice but to marry a cripple for me."

Hearing what Olivia had said, Fiona got flustered.

She had every right to be for her feelings were most certainly valid. And besides, who didn't have a bitter past? However, this time, she had no other choice. Over the years, Olivia had continuously sprayed salt into her wounds again and again. Seeing her in pain, with her wounds being poked open with blood made Olivia smirk.

Fiona agreed with the arranged marriage with the Fu family on Olivia's behalf, but Olivia not only didn't appreciate it, but also found it sarcastic.

At that moment, tears started to fill her eyes. Squatting down slowly, she picked up a brick and smashe

d it against the window of Olivia's fancy red BMW.


Using up all of her strength, she put immense force as she hit the window. The window cracked and shards of glass flew everywhere.

All of this sounded exciting to Fiona who wanted to vent out her repressed anger.

"Fiona! Fuck! How dare you break my car! You... Oh, you'll see. I won't let you die so easily!" Seeing her car destroyed recklessly, Olivia flung open the door and got off the car. Fuming mad, her eyes looked hellish, as if she was ready to bite Fiona's arms off mercilessly.

She clenched both her fists in anger as she trembled. Her blue veins even started to pop out of her red skin. At that moment, she was an evil spawn sent by the devils.

However, Fiona remained unbothered by Olivia's rage. She always knew how hypocritical Olivia was. They all thought she was a well-behaved and well-mannered girl. After all, that was how she acted in front of them all this time. Instead, she was just a devil.

After all these years, Fiona had done nothing but swallow her pride as she received numerous insults and humiliation from the Ling family. She wanted to be able to return the favor by being independent after her graduation. All her life, she wanted to know how she could leave them without fear and guilt.

However, relief started to unhinge itself to her the moment she broke down Olivia's car window. She had always wanted to do that, but somehow, this was the first time that she acted on her urge to vent out all the rage building up inside of her.

Fiona then opened her mouth and continued, "Just do it. I'm not afraid of you. You can kill me if you want."

Her face bore a bitter smile along with a patch of bravery and a dash of helplessness. She didn't know what to do at that point and she was ready to die.

But unfortunately, she still couldn't.

Fiona had enough. She didn't want to argue with Olivia anymore.

Meanwhile, there was a car parked on the other side of the street, and the man inside it saw everything with his own eyes. All of a sudden, the man asked his driver, Jack Zhang, in a cold voice, "Isn't that grumpy woman Olivia? The one who is going to marry Caspar?"

Jack replied, "According to our sources, yes. She is the one."

Hearing this confirmation, the man punched his fist on the seat. The noise made by the impact startled Jack Zhang, which eventually made him break out in a cold sweat.

Wiping his forehead, Jack Zhang looked at the mirror. There, he found that Jeremy Fu was staring at the beautiful woman who stood behind Olivia. As he laid his eyes on her, he started to cup his chin as if he was thinking of something.

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