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   Chapter 648 The End (Part Two)

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Changdu Characters: 5850

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He repeated his steps mechanically, calling out the name of Julia, and a faint voice came from nowhere.

As if he had telepathy, Terence stopped and asked, "Julia, is that you?"

Terence didn't get any answer, but he was sure that Julia was nearby, so he went crazy to look for her. Under the faint light of the flashlight of his mobile phone, he finally found her.

She lay quietly in a pit, which was covered with thick straw, like a trap set by hunters. Her leg was bleeding, which made Terence panic. He jumped down without saying anything and checked the condition of Julia. She was just in a coma, but the injury on her foot was shocking.

Terence took off his shirt and tore it into strips to bind up her.

Fortunately, Terence found the branch and fixed Julia's leg.

It was cold at night. Terence held Julia tightly and said, "Julia, wake up."

"Don't make fun of me. Wake up. I've already dealt with the matter of Jean. From now on, no one will hurt you. Wake up, okay?"

"Julia, in fact, it's only an expedient for me to be with Jean. I just don't want her to hurt you. Julia, please forgive me. Wake up, okay?"

"I won't divorce you, Julia. Do you hear me? Wake up!"

Terence chattered. Fortunately, the rescue team found them soon and took the two of them to the hospital.

There was some clothes in the crew, so the doctor quickly put them on Terence. The doctor gave Terence a simple examination and said to Terence, "You still have to go to the hospital to have a system examination, because..."

"No, thanks." Terence put on his clothes and followed Julia. He held her hand tightly and said to her, "Julia, don't worry. I will be with you."

No matter what the doctor said, Terence was unwilling to leave. He had

ia, in fact, he really loves you very much. Yesterday when he knew that you had an accident, he rushed over without saying anything. It was because of his unremitting efforts that he found you. He tore his shirt and helped you bind up. The doctor said that if he hadn't rescued you in time, your leg might have been amputated."

"He didn't fall down until the doctor said you were fine. He was half dead because of the cold. Julia, you can't miss such a good man."

Hearing what she said, Julia was moved. It was not until now that she realized that Terence was silently protecting her in his own way, but she thought she was abandoned. It was ridiculous.

"Why did you say that to me?" After hesitating for a while, Julia felt that Zoe's purpose was not so simple.

"I..." Zoe smiled awkwardly and said, "Because someone did something wrong. I just hope I can make it up for him. "

"What do you mean?" Julia asked in confusion.

"I..." Zoe hesitated for a moment, and finally said, "He should have told you this himself, but he has transferred blood to you yesterday and hasn't recovered yet. Anyway, let me tell you. I don't think he has the courage."

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