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   Chapter 647 The End (Part one)

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"Why are you still here?" Terence had planned to talk to Julia after Julia came back, but Kerry was surprised to see him in the company.

"Where should I be if I'm not here?" Terence looked at Kerry and asked in confusion.

"Shouldn't you..." Kerry frowned slightly and said to Terence, "Shouldn't you go to look for Julia?"

"No hurry." Terence smiled, "Now that Jean has been arrested, and the situation is stable. I want to see her after she comes back."

Looking at the Kerry in front of him, Terence said with a smile, "By the way, you come at the right time. I have something to discuss with you..."

"Don't you know something happened to Julia?" Kerry said in surprise, "Almost everyone online know it. Hurry up..."

"What happened?" Terence asked as he opened a micro blog webpage. When he saw the news that Julia had fallen off the cliff, he felt his heart in his throat. Without saying anything, he rushed out and left Kerry alone.

Looking at Terence's anxious face, Kerry couldn't help but smile bitterly.

It seemed that... In fact, there was only one person in Terence's heart, and it was better to lose to Julia than to lose to Jean?

In fact, Kerry came here today to say goodbye to Terence. The domestic company was stable, so she applied to be transferred back to the headquarters, which had agreed. But when she saw Terence's expression, Kerry smiled bitterly. It seemed that she could only call Terence after she went abroad.

It was a 1.5 hour drive from H City to the Glazed Mountain. Terence only drove for one hour. He didn't know how many violation tickets he had received along the way, but he didn't care. He just wanted to make sure that Julia was safe and sound.

The car stopped. Terence hurried up the mountain to look for Julia. After searching for a long time, he only found the crew. The director didn't dare to leave, so he could

t he didn't.

It seemed that Julia had disappeared, and there was no trace of her at all.

He almost searched every corner and shouted hoarse, but he still didn't see Julia.

When the rescue team saw Terence, they stopped Terence in a hurry and said, "Who are you? Who allowed you to come down? "

"I'm Julia' husband. How do matters stand? Did you find her? " Terence asked in a hurry.

"No..." The search and rescue team smiled bitterly and said, "You'd better go up now. If there is any news, we will inform you."

"No way!" Terence frowned and said, "I want to stay and look for her with you."

"Are you crazy?" The search and rescue team frowned and said to Terence, "Look at what you are wearing. It's getting dark. If you stay here, you'll be frozen to death even if nothing happens. "

"I won't go up if I can't find her." Terence said stubbornly. The search and rescue team forcefully took Terence away, but Terence escaped when they were not noticing.

It was impossible for him to wait like a director.

The longer Julia stayed outside, the more dangerous she would be.

It was getting dark. Terence was in his suit in the office before. The temperature in the mountain was very low, and he was so cold that he was numb.

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