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   Chapter 643 Exhortation

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Terence frowned and said to Barton, "Let bygones be bygones."

Terence smiled bitterly, "Although there are some misunderstandings between Julia and me, I will find a way to get her back."

"Terence..." Hearing what Terence said, Barton grabbed Terence's hand and said to Terence, "You are a good man. I misunderstood you before. You must get Julia back."

Terence was shocked by Barton's attitude. He looked at Barton and said, "Don't worry. I will."

"That's good, that's good." Barton murmured.

"Uncle Barton..." Terence was stunned for a moment and asked Barton, "What's wrong with you? Why do you suddenly care about me and Julia? "

"I..." Barton opened his mouth, but said nothing in the end. He smiled awkwardly and said, "I just feel sorry to separate you and Julia before. Don't worry. I won't interfere in it in the future."

Barton held Terence's hand and said, "You... Please take good care of Julia. "

"I will." Terence nodded seriously.

Hearing Terence's words, Barton felt relieved. He smiled bitterly and drank one after another. Terence was unable to stop him.

Terence had no choice but to accompany Barton and send Barton home after he drank too much.

When Terence helped Barton up, he saw the file bag aside. Somehow, he opened it and had a look. Terence immediately understood why Barton was so strange.

It turned out that Julia was Barton's daughter. In this way, everything could be explained.

Terence felt sorry for Barton and Julia.

It was not easy for Barton to reunite with his daughter at such an old age. He didn't expect that he was still obstructed by Jean.

No wonder he drowned his sorrows in wine.

On the one hand, he wanted Julia to live a happy life; on the other h

one it wrongly once. Do you want to make more mistakes?"

Zoe took a look at Barton and said, "Yes, you did something wrong, but it's all because of Jean and Mandy. You can't choose not to be reunite with Julia just because of this... If Julia knows your relationship, there will be no room for manoeuvre. "

Zoe held Barton's hand and said, "Barton, it's not terrible to do something wrong. The terrible thing is that you don't correct it after you do something wrong."

"But I..." Looking at Zoe's encouraging eyes, Barton couldn't say anything to shrink back. He smiled bitterly and said to Zoe, "Then... What do you think I should do now? "

"Of course you have to let everything go back to the original track." Zoe sneered and said to Barton, "Mandy and Jean dare to lie to you like this, of course we can't let them go."

"But... Jean is still pregnant. " After all, Barton had treated Jean as his own daughter for such a long time. He couldn't be cruel to her.

"So what?" Zoe sneered, "Barton, you treat her as your daughter. When did she treat you as her father? She's just using you. Think about Julia. Do you think it's fair to her? "

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