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   Chapter 640 Denounce Him

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"What?" Lisa exclaimed, "You... You want me to kill her? "

"You can shout louder." Jean sneered and said, "Shout until everyone hears."

Lisa finally came to her senses. Although she hid to answer the phone, the forest was relatively open and someone may hear her.

She took a deep breath and said to Jean, "Ms. Gu, you... You are forcing me. "

Lisa lowered her voice and said to Jean, "Killing people is illegal."

"Who let you kill?" With a sneer, Jean said to Lisa on the phone, "Your show is so dangerous. Maybe she will fall down accidentally and die, or... The wild is so dangerous. Maybe there are snakes and beasts. In a word, you can consider it. "

"But..." After hesitating for a while, Lisa still couldn't make up her mind.

"Lisa, this is your only chance." With a sneer, she said to Lisa on the phone, "Think about the conditions I gave you before replying to me."

Jean sneered and continued, "I give you this chance for the sake of our good relationship, but you'd better not think too long, otherwise... There are also many people I know in the production unit. "

Jean was about to hang up when Lisa stopped Jean and said, "Okay, I promise you."

Lisa had thought about it. Some people had been injured these days. If something happened to Julia, she would never be suspected.

She was really lucky to have such a good chance with just a little movement.

Lisa said on the phone, "Ms. Gu, but you have to remember it clearly. Don't deny it then."

"Don't worry." With a sneer, Jean said to Lisa on the phone, "As long as you finish this matter, we will sign the contract immediately after you come back. You can use the company's resources in the future."

"Okay, I promise you."

, so what? Do you want your own child to have a father with AIDS and hope that he will be despised by other children in the future?"

"I..." George frowned and said, "But this child is mine. I can't let him be others' child."

"So what?" With a sneer, Jean continued, "Don't worry. I'm also the mother of the child. In the future... I will take good care of him, and Terence will treat him as his own. "

"I see." George sneered, "You want to use this child to control Terence, don't you?"

"So what?" With a cold look at George, Jean said, "George is more suitable to be the father of this child than you. I do this... For the sake of our child's future. "

Jean sneered and said, "Do you want your child to have a father like you or a father like Terence? Which choice is good for the child? I believe you can see it, can't you?"

Looking at the complacent look on Jean's face and thinking of his current appearance, George was furious.

Regardless of the people coming and going at the gate of the hospital, George pinched her throat and said, "I'll kill you!"

"Ahem, let me go..." Frightened, Jean slapped George's wrist hard.

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