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   Chapter 639 She Won't Come Back

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Coolgirl Characters: 5159

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:27

"Jean..." "He doesn't love you at all. In that case, why are you still dreaming about being with him? Let's go to court with him. Anyway, I can't let it go."

"Mom, don't say that." With a bitter smile, Jean said to Mandy.

Mandy wanted to continue cursing, but when she heard what Jean said, she had to shut up.

Jean sneered and said, "Terence, you... Have you really never loved me? Even if a little? "

"No." Terence said coldly.

"So you agreed to marry me just to protect Julia, right?" Although Jean

I will let you come back."

Jean smiled and continued, "I will not only let you come back, but also transfer ten percent of my shares to you. From then, you are a shareholder of the company. What do you think?"

Hearing this, Lisa was silent. She hesitated for a long time and asked, "Ms. Gu, what you asked me to do... What is it? "

"It's very simple. Do you participate in the program with Julia?"

"Yes." Lisa replied.

"I don't have any other requests. I just want her to... She won't come back. "

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