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   Chapter 638 Wait And See

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Terence smiled and said to Barton, "In fact, I have been investigating the matter of Jean, but she disguised herself well, so I couldn't find anything until I met a person called George."

Terence sneered, "As you can see, it's the man in the photo."

"George told me something about Jean. I followed this clue and found these things. Uncle Barton, you have seen it too. This is your daughter." Terence sneered and said to Barton, "Do you think... Will I be with such a woman? "

"What do you mean?" Mandy couldn't sit still any longer. She grabbed the documents on the table and tore them up. She looked at Terence in front of her and said, "Terence, Jean is pregnant now. Even if you don't want to be responsible, you don't have to use these messy things to disgust Jean, do you? What's your purpose? "

"Purpose?" Terence smiled and said, "My purpose is to expose the true colors of her."

He looked at Barton and said, "Uncle Barton, if you don't believe me, George is outside now. You can ask him to come in and ask what kind of person your daughter is."

When Jean heard what Terence said, her heart was as pale as ashes. It turned out that George really colluded with Terence. Was he so eager to destroy her?

With a bitter smile, Jean asked Terence, "Do you... Do you really want to destroy me? "

Terence didn't say anything but looked at Barton.

After hesitating for a while, Barton nodded and said to Terence, "Okay, let him in."

Barton had already had some doubts about Jean, and now he wanted to know the truth. He wanted to know what kind of person Jean was, so he didn't refuse.

At the beginnin

ason why George didn't show up, I will definitely find it out."

"Exactly." Mandy sneered, "George has a blood conscience. He knew that he couldn't collude with you to frame Jean, so he left. Terence, if you still have a little conscience, you shouldn't have treated Jean like this."

"Enough!" Barton frowned. What happened today was too chaotic. He didn't know whom he should trust.

He looked at Terence and asked, "What do you mean by showing these evidences?"

Terence sneered and said, "I just want to tell you that I love only Julia from the beginning to the end. My company has stabilized, and even if you want to revenge in the future, I won't be afraid anymore. So Uncle Barton, from now on, I don't want to have anything to do with Jean. If you still force me or hurt Julia, I will not let you go. "

"Ha ha..." Mandy sneered, "Now we won't let you go. Terence, you forged so much evidence to discredit Jean. I'm telling you, I won't let you go. Just wait and see."

"Okay, I'll wait." Terence said coldly.

"Mom..." Jean gave a bitter smile and stopped Mandy.

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