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   Chapter 611 Getting Drunk

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5965

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"No." Terence said slightly, "Take good care of Uncle Barton. I'm leaving now."

Then Terence strode out of Xiao family. No matter how Jean shouted, it didn't help.

That night, Barton was both drunk and vomited, which made Jean unable to have a good rest for the whole night. On the second morning, when Barton woke up, he didn't remember what happened last night at all.

"Dad, are you awake?" Looking at the energetic Barton, Jean said helplessly, "There is breakfast on the table. Have some first."

"No, thanks." Barton said with a smile, "I have to pick up Zoe to work and have breakfast with her on the way. What's wrong with you? You look tired. "

"You don't remember anything?" Jean gave a bitter smile. She had been busy all night, but Barton didn't know anything.

"What?" Barton asked in confusion.

"You were drunk and vomited last night. I've been busy all night and just had a nap. I thought you would eat something this morning, but I didn't expect you not to eat." Jean said with a slight complaint, "If I had known it earlier, I would have had more rest."

"Real... Really? " Barton smiled, "I drank too much last night. You must be very busy, right?"

"Nothing." Then Jean stood up and said to Barton, "Now that you are awake, I'll go back to my room and have a rest."

"Go to bed now." Barton didn't go to the downstairs of Zoe's house until he saw that Jean went back to her room.

Zoe got in the car with a long face. Seeing this, Barton asked in a hurry, "What's wrong? Are you mad at me? "

Barton held Zoe's hand and said, "I know I can't drink too much because of my health, but it's a special case. How can I not drink when I'm so happy?"

"But think about how much you drank last night." Zoe frowned and said, "Even if you don't think

a talk with Barton.

As long as Barton could support her, she didn't have to be afraid of Zoe no matter who she was.

But now, Zoe was on guard against her as if she was a thief. It was more difficult to get close to Barton. What should she do?

Nicole looked at the closed door of Barton. She was close to him, but she couldn't get close to him.

Zoe even arranged a lot of insignificant work for her. After all, she was a professional secretary. It was ridiculous for her to do chores.

Although Nicole felt sorry for herself, she had no choice but to do as Zoe said.

Jean didn't feel better until noon. When she went downstairs and saw the breakfast on the table, Jean was furious.

Since Barton was with Zoe, this house meant nothing to him but a hotel. It was his greatest kindness to come back and have a rest.

Maybe... Soon he didn't even come back to sleep.

She frowned and thought for a long time. She couldn't let things develop like this. She had to take advantage of the time to separate Zoe and Barton.

She thought of Peter, so she called Peter to discuss the matter of Zoe.

After more than an hour's discussion, the two finally settled this matter.

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