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   Chapter 565 Lying

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"You really don't need my help?" Samuel asked worriedly.

"I really don't need it." After sending Samuel away, Yvette began to cook in the kitchen.

To be honest, she had been spoiled since she was a child, so she didn't know how to cook. It was the first time that she cooked. She learned some simple dishes from the aunt in her home last night.

She really liked Samuel, so no matter what she did for him, she was willing to do it.

A lady, a rich lady who had never cooked, was willing to wash her hands and make soup for her beloved man.

The reason why she asked Samuel to leave was that she was afraid that he would see her in a hurry. She put on an apron and began to cook in a hurry. During this period, she called the servants in her home several times to ask how to wash vegetables and how to deal with fish. Cooking this meal was like a battle.

Yvette had been busy all morning. Samuel smelled the burning smell in his room and hurried out. Looking at the messy kitchen, he couldn't help smiling bitterly and said to Yvette, "What's wrong? The kitchen seemed to be blown up. "

"You... Are you up? " Lowering her head with a guilty conscience, Yvette asked Samuel, "The food is not ready yet..."

"Yvette, tell me the truth. Can you really cook?" Samuel asked helplessly.

"I..." Yvette wanted to answer, but when she saw Samuel's eyes, she really didn't have the courage to lie. She smiled bitterly and said to Samuel, "I just learned it from aunt last night. I think you are so tired at ordinary times, so I want to cook for you, but... Maybe I really don't have the talent. "

Yvette said dejectedly.

The fish was burnt by her, and the rice was half-cooked. Yvette felt as if she could do nothing wrong.

Looking at Yvette's expression, how could Samuel blame her? He walked up to Yvette helplessly and reached

t have the mood to listen to her. He had been thinking about the fact that Yvette lied to him.

Noticing Samuel's disappointment, Yvette asked, "What's wrong with you, Samuel? What happened? Why do you look unhappy? "

"Nothing..." Samuel smiled and said, "I just didn't have a good rest the other day. I'm a little tired."

"I see..." Yvette was so embarrassed that she didn't know what to do. She smiled bitterly and said to Samuel, "Then I won't disturb you. Have a good rest. Let's contact after I come back."

"Okay." Samuel stood up and walked Yvette to the door. He said to Yvette, "Be careful on the way."

"You..." Looking at Samuel, Yvette felt bad.

She didn't know why things would turn out like this. Everything was fine before, but why did Samuel suddenly change into another person?

When Yvette came back home, she was still in a daze and didn't notice that Myron was sitting on the sofa.

"Yvette, don't you have a rest today? Where have you been? " Myron said abruptly.

"Dad, you scared me to death." Yvette patted her chest and said to Myron, "Why don't you make any sound?"

"What? I didn't make any sound? You were thinking too much and didn't notice me." Myron said to Yvette helplessly.

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