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   Chapter 564 Family Background

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"Well, stop it." Samuel smiled and said to Ada, "I know what you want to say, but I won't do that. My relationship with Yvette is not a public relations incident. I will seriously date her. Even if we are separated in the future, it is our own business. I don't want you to make any more fuss about it. Do you understand?"

Looking at Ada, Samuel continued, "And, Ada, I don't want you to make trouble for Yvette. I hope you can promise me."

"Have you really made up your mind?" Ada frowned and asked Samuel.

"Yes, I have made up my mind." Samuel nodded and said.

"But, Samuel, there is one thing... I think I still have to remind you. " Ada knew that she couldn't change Samuel's mind. She smiled bitterly and said to Samuel, "Your little girlfriend is not as simple as you think."

"What do you mean?" Samuel frowned and said, "If you want to sow dissension between us, I hope you can shut up. I have my own judgment on what kind of person Yvette is."

"I'm not trying to sow dissension. I'm just telling the truth." Ada smiled bitterly. It seemed that Samuel had really made up his mind to protect Yvette.

Ada looked at Samuel bitterly and said, "Do you know Myron Han from J S Real Estate Company?"

"Of course I know." Samuel frowned and asked Ada, "Why did you mention him?"

Although Myron wasn't a celebrity in the entertainment industry, most people knew him.

He was not only an old acquaintance of many directors, but also ran an entertainment company, so Samuel must know him.

Samuel looked at Ada confusedly. He wondered why the matter about Yvette was suddenly related to Myron.

"Do you know the relationship between Yvette and him?" Ada asked with a sneer.

"What do you mean?" Samuel frowned and said

oken up yet? " Asked Yvette.

Samuel rubbed his eyes and said, "Yes, I didn't sleep all night. I was about to sleep when you came."

"Then... Did I bother you? " "I should have told you before I came here." said Yvette apologetically.

Seeing that Yvette seemed to feel that she had done something wrong, Samuel immediately pulled Yvette in and said to Yvette, "Silly girl, you are my girlfriend. You can come and play with me at any time you want."

Samuel smiled and continued, "I'll prepare a key for you later. You can come even if I'm not at home."

"Really?" Upon hearing this, Yvette was overjoyed.

Samuel glanced at the cloth bag brought by Yvette and asked, "What's in it?"

"Oh, when I came here, I went through the supermarket and bought some food materials by the way. You know who we are, and it's not so comfortable to go out for dinner. How about..." Go and have a rest. I'll cook for you. I'll call you when I'm done. " Yvette smiled and pushed Samuel to have a rest. Samuel said, "How about I stay and help you?"

"No, thanks." Yvette said with a smile, "It's a rare opportunity to show my virtuousness to you. Just go to rest."

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