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   Chapter 563 It's My Own Business

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Changdu Characters: 5714

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She didn't know what to do now. Ava's words kept ringing in her ears. Bella was afraid that others would recognize her, so she could only go home and didn't even dare to go out.

Although Samuel announced their relationship rashly, it made him more popular.

The public supported Samuel, saying that Bella deserved it.

It was too late when Ada saw the news. She immediately called Samuel to meet.

Ada and Samuel arrived at the coffee shop at the gate of the company. Samuel arrived first. After a while, Ada arrived. She rushed to Samuel and said to Samuel, "Samuel, what happened yesterday..."

"What happened yesterday is my own business." Before Ada could say anything, Samuel interrupted her and said, "Ada, it's all my own idea. It has nothing to do with Yvette. She helped me a lot. If you really want to blame her, I'll bear it alone."

"What are you talking about?"

Samuel didn't give Ada a chance to speak at all. He looked at Ada in front of him and said, "It's my fault that I make my relationship public without permission, but I hope you understand that it's my own decision. I don't care how the company will deal with it. But you don't have to make trouble for Yvette. She is a good girl. I don't want her to be hurt at all."

"Can you hear me out?" Ada looked at Samuel helplessly and said, "You two just got together. Why are you in such a hurry to protect your little girlfriend?"

"I just don't want you to make things difficult for her. She can't stand it." Samuel said slightly. She was different from Julia. He had been very embarrassed when Ada went to see Julia before. Now he couldn't let Yvette experience the same thing again.

"When did I say that I was going to

neered and continued to say to Ada, "Since I have said that, I will definitely do it. Yvette is my girlfriend. If you want to hurt her, don't blame me for disregarding our relationship."

"You..." Ada's face darkened. She looked at Samuel in front of her and said, "Samuel, Yvette can bring you popularity now, but it doesn't mean that she can also bring it to you in the future. Let me tell you, if you really choose to be with Yvette, she will only drag you down in the future. Have you really thought it over?"

"I don't understand. Why do you like to relate everything to the work?" Samuel frowned and said to Ada, "It's my privacy to be with Yvette. I will still try my best at work. Why should I think about what kind of help this relationship can bring to my work, instead of thinking about whether I am happy or not with her?"

Looking at Ada in front of him, Samuel continued, "Ada, I know what you have done is for my good, but I'm sorry. Sometimes it really makes me feel tired, so I'm sorry. I won't listen to you this time."

"Samuel, listen to me..." Ada still wanted to give it a last try, but Samuel waved his hand.

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