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   Chapter 562 The Sky Collapsed

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Chang Du Characters: 6138

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Ava paused for a while and continued, "But these glorious things have already passed. What have you done after you became famous these years? Because of your fame, you have offended all the directors who have cooperated with you, and even some who haven't cooperated with you. I tell you, your reputation in this circle has been bad. Now seeing you in trouble, everyone is eager to fight against you and give you a hard kick. "

"Impossible!" Bella said firmly, "It's absolutely impossible."

"Nothing is impossible." Ava sneered and said to Bella, "If you still don't believe me, you can check on micro-blog now and see what director Zhang and director Li have said on micro-blog."

Bella was stunned. She opened the micro-blog and was on the verge of collapse when she saw the online attacks on her. Then she saw the directors she had cooperated with before saying on the micro-blog that she was arrogant and was not dedicated. Bella felt that the sky was falling.

"How... How could this be? " Bella's face turned pale.

"It's all your own fault. Those directors have already had enough of you." Ava sneered and said.

"So what?" Bella still didn't give up. She looked at Ava and continued, "These things are only temporary. I was able to get up from an unknown newcomer to that position, and now I can get up again. I tell you, as long as I get up, those directors and producers..."

"You don't have the chance." Before she could finish her words, Ava sneered and said, "Bella, I'll emphasize it again. You have no place in this circle. I still want to say that I advise you to change your career as soon as possible."

"What do you mean?" Bella frowned and asked, "What did I do wrong to you? Why did you do this to me?"

"I'm not that capable." Ava sneered and said to Bella, "I can only say that you are unlucky to o

was not the right time to lose her temper. "It was my fault just now. You have been with me for so long. You should know my temper. I really didn't mean to do that. Please help me. I will definitely thank you in the future."

"Bella, it's too late." Ava sneered and said to Bella, "The current situation is really out of my control as an agent. If you really want to stay in this circle, you can only wait for them to calm down. Now I can't even protect yourself. How can I have time to mind your own business? "

Ava smiled bitterly and continued, "I'm leaving now. You... Take care of yourself. "

"Ava, Ava..." Bella wanted to catch up with her, but Ava quickened her pace and left, leaving Bella no chance to speak at all.

Only then did Bella realize how stupid she was to sign the agreement to terminate the contract. Now, if she really lost money, she would really have nothing.

She wanted to discuss with Eric and see if she could compensate less, but Eric's secretary stopped her. She couldn't even see him. After waiting for the whole afternoon, she had to leave reluctantly.

The subway station and electronic screen were playing the news of yesterday everywhere. Bella felt that the sky was falling.

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