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   Chapter 561 Naive

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"Then... They have no taste! " Bella said with a cold face, "Do you know what those notices are? Do you know I..."

Eric sneered, "Do you think you are still qualified to be choosy now? It's so ridiculous. "

"Eric, don't go too far!" Hearing Eric's sarcasm, Bella couldn't help sneering and said to Eric in front of her, "Isn't it just to terminate the contract? Okay, I will sign this document, okay? "

As Bella was about to sign her name, Ava, who was standing next to her, stopped her and tried to dissuade her, "Bella, don't be impulsive. Do you know what it means to sign this document? Listen to me, apologize to Mr. Fang. Maybe Mr. Fang will forgive you. There is still a chance to redeem this matter."

"Let me go!" Bella shook off Ava's hand with dissatisfaction and said to Ava, "Ava, I'm your artist. I think you should consider everything for me, not ask me to admit the mistakes and endure everything. I tell you, if you keep doing this, I'll fire you now."

Bella said coldly.

Hearing this, Ava stopped.

She had been with Bella for a long time and knew what kind of person she was. It was not until today that she really recognized Bella.

It turned out that in Bella's eyes, she was nothing. She sincerely considered for Bella, but in the end, she got such a result.

She sneered and said to Bella, "Okay, since you have made up your mind, I won't stop you. If you are willing to sign it, then sign it."

Without saying anything, Bella signed her name on the document and said to Eric, "I've also signed the document. Can I leave now?"

"Wait!" Eric stopped her and said, "Miss Su, you broke the contract this time. Since you have signed the document,

stopped pretending. She called Ava arrogantly and said, "What do you mean by that? What are you trying to say? If you don't make it clear today, don't come out of the door. "

Ava looked at her impatiently and sighed, "Forget it. You'll know it soon anyway. There's no need for me to hide it from you."

Ava sneered and said to Bella, "Do you think you can find a better company after you go out from the Starlight Company?"

"Why not?" Bella asked in confusion, "I just made a small mistake. As long as the company can give me the crisis public relations, it will be over soon. This is the society nowadays. There are so many things in the entertainment circle, and everyone will soon forget about it. I have won the best actress. You know how capable I am. There were so many companies poaching me. Now I left the Starlight Company. Why can't I find a better one? "

Bella said to Ava coldly.

Unexpectedly, Ava burst into laughter when she heard what Bella said. She looked at Bella and said, "Bella, you are so naive. Yes, you used to be a good actress, who worked hard and had created many good roles, but..."

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