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   Chapter 394 The Person On The Phone

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5377

Updated: 2020-07-21 08:34

"You don't have, but Barton has." The man sneered and said to Jean on the phone, "That's Barton. Not to mention fifty million, even five hundred million is a piece of cake. Miss Gu, don't bargain with me."

"You..." Jean frown. "Since you have something on me, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth. If I'm really Barton's daughter, I can give you fifty million or five hundred million dollars, but you know I'm not. If I ask Barton for the money, I'll be done. At that time, I don't care even if you release this movie. "

"So... Are you unwilling to give me the money? " The man sneered and said to Jean on the phone, "Well, then I can only send this video to Mr. Xiao. For the sake of me helping him expose a liar, he will definitely reward me well."

The man was about to hang up the phone, but Jean stopped him in a hurry, "Wait..."

"Miss Gu, what else can I do for you?" If he were in front of Jean, Jean would definitely see the evil smile on his face. Even at this moment, Jean could imagine it.

"Who the hell are you?" Jean frown and asked, "You came to threaten me for no reason. Even if I admit defeat, at least let me know who you are, right?"

After a pause, Jean continued, "How about this? Let's make an appointment to see each other. At least, I'll know who I was defeated."

"Stop playing tricks in front of me, Jean!" The man said in a cold voice, "Don't think that I don't know what you want to do!"

"Sir, whether you think too much or not?" With a bitter smile, Jean continued, "You still have my handle in your hand. How dare I play any tricks? I just want to know who on ea

t this time, Barton] would probably come over now.

She was so upset that she didn't want to waste time and energy to deal with Barton.

So she smiled and said to Barton, "Of course not. I will be there on time tomorrow."

"That's good." Barton smiled with satisfaction, "Then I'll wait for you tomorrow."

"Okay." As soon as Jean hung up the phone, she saw Mandy's face. She was shocked and said to her, "Mom, are you trying to scare me to death? Why are you so close to me? "

"Jean, Barton... Why is he calling? " That man's call really frightened Mandy. When she saw Barton's call, she was like a frightened bird, afraid that Barton would call to blame her.

"Why are you so nervous?" With a cold face, Jean said to Mandy, "That man wants money. He won't let me out so soon. You can rest assured."

"But..." Jean hesitated for a moment and frowned slightly.

"What?" Mandy asked nervously.

"But Barton asked me out for dinner tomorrow. I'm not sure if I can make it back in time. Mom, would you like to have dinner with Barton?" Said Jean to Mandy.

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