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   Chapter 390 They All Left

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"That's impossible!" Tina was also stunned. She looked at Jean and said, "How could you be Barton's daughter?"

"Auntie Tina, what do you mean?" Jean sneered and said to Tina, "I know you don't like me, but... How dare I lie about such an important thing? "

"Barton, is there anything wrong?" Simon frowned and said to Barton, "We have watched Jean grow up. She is the daughter of Aron. Why..."

"It's true." Barton looked at them coldly and said, "What? You can't believe it? Or... Are you afraid that I will blame you for what you did to Jean before? "

"Barton, we are just seeking truth from facts." Simon also frowned. What a scheming woman Jean was! She was the daughter of Aron, but why did she suddenly become the daughter of Barton?

"We have a clear conscience about what happened to Jean. As for what she has done, you'd better ask her yourself." Tina said coldly, "You'd better find out whether she is really your daughter or not."

"By the way, Julia." Tina pulled Julia's hand and said, "You are her sister. What's going on?"

Jean took a look at Julia and said, "Sister, it's my fault that I didn't tell you in advance, but... You haven't been home for once these days. Even if I want to tell you, I can't find a chance, right? "

"Yes." Julia said with a sneer to Jean. "You have the chance to fight with me in the casting group, but you just don't have time to tell me about it."

Julia looked at Barton coldly and said, "Mr. Barton, I don't know what your so-called daughter has said to you, but... I'm sure she's not your daughter. You'd better figure it out in case you are cheated. "

"Sister..." Jean looked

a cold face, "Terence is right. Why should we apologize?"

She sneered, picked up her bag and said to Terence, "Let's go. It seems that there is no need to continue the meal. Barton, Congratulations! You finally find your daughter."

Tina walked out first, followed by Simon. After a while, all the family members left, and the expression on Jean's face suddenly became very bad.

She thought the Chen family would show respect to her after she became Barton's daughter. She didn't expect such a result in the end.

"You... Don't regret it. " Barton didn't expect the Chen family to be so disrespectful. He just wanted Terence to apologize. He didn't expect things to be so embarrassing.

He didn't know what Jean had done. If he knew, he would think that the Chen family was polite enough by doing so.

"Don't be sad, Jean." Barton was outraged, but he didn't forget to comfort his daughter, "Just wait and see. I will make these people come back to apologize to you willingly."

"Dad, you don't have to..." With a wry smile, Jean continued, "I'm so sorry to get you into trouble."

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