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   Chapter 388 What A Pity

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5776

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"Of course I know." Jean gave a bitter smile. "But mom, you also have to understand my difficulties now," said Jean with a bitter smile to Mandy.

Jean held Mandy's hand. "I just reunited with Barton and haven't got a firm foothold. If you do something wrong now, it will be enlarged infinitely. So mom, consider for me. Put it off a little bit"

Jean looked at Mandy and continued, "I know you don't believe me. But no matter what, you are in such a hurry now and there will be no good result. Trust me this time. Don't mess around anymore."

"Mess around? How can you consider it as messing around? " Frowning, Mandy wanted to argue with Jean, but she was afraid that it was too late. She waved her hand and said to her, "Forget it. You'd better go now. Don't keep her waiting."

"Today is very important to you. Don't be late," said Mandy with a sigh, looking at Jean.

"Thank you, mom." For the sake of Jean, Mandy finally compromised.

Jean held Mandy's hand and said, "Mom, don't worry. As long as I can stand firm. Your things... I will take it to heart. "

"Really?" Wendy's eyes lit up and asked.

"Of course it's true." Jean smiled and said, "I've thought it over. It's obvious that Zoe has a crush on Barton. I'd rather help you than let a woman who always suspects me become my stepmother. But mom, you have to remember that you can't be too hasty on this matter. Besides, I can't help you overtly. After all, i..."

"I understand. I understand." "As long as you want to, I'll be satisfied," said Mandy with a smile.

"Then I'll go first." Said Jean with a smile.

"Go ahead." Mandy looked at Jean with satisfaction.

After comforting Mandy, Jean got on the car. Seeing that Mandy finally stopp

ter daughter?"

"What a nominal foster daughter?" Sandra, who was sitting next to them, complained, "Julia and Terence have divorced a long time ago. Strictly speaking, the two of them are not husband and wife. If Mr. Xiao doesn't mind, you can let Terence and your daughter meet. As for what will happen in the future, it depends on the fate of the two children."

Sandra said with a smile. She was confident in her grandson. How many girls wouldn't fall in love with him?

"Grandma!" Terence frowned and said to Sandra, "What are you talking about? I only have one wife in my life, Julia. "

"I did this for your own good. How can you be so ungrateful?" Sandra said sadly.

"Enough!" Tina frowned and said to Sandra, "Mom, what are you thinking about? Mr. Xiao's daughter was so precious. How could she marry Terence who had got divorced? I advise you to give up this idea as soon as possible. "

Tina sneered and continued, "Let's talk about it at home. Don't make a fool of yourself here."

Sandra snorted, but she didn't say anything.

Seeing this scene, Barton couldn't help laughing. "This family is consistent. It's so lively."

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