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   Chapter 385 Show Off

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Before Zoe could say anything, Mandy, who had changed her clothes and went downstairs, interrupted her, "Jean, don't you think it's what Miss Zoe should do?"

"Mom..." Jean frowned and thought, 'Mandy is really going too far.'

"All right, all right. I won't say it anymore." Looking at Zoe with a smile, Mandy said, "Miss Zoe, let's go."

"Okay." Zoe nodded and walked out first.

She took the two of them to a beauty Spa club, handed a card to Jean and said, "Miss Jean, this card is handled by Mr. Barton for you. You only need to take this card with you when you come here."

"Thank you." Jean thanked her politely. At the sight of this card, Mandy's eyes lit up.

When she was about to say something, Zoe took out another card and said to her, "Mrs. Mandy, I didn't have time before, so I didn't apply for your card. This card is mine. You can use it first. When..."

"Okay, okay, I know." Before Zoe could finish her words, Mandy grabbed the cosmetic card and said to Jean, "Let's go inside."

Jean frowned at the sight of this. She looked at Zoe and asked, "What about you?"

"I still have something to deal with. I'll pick you up after you finish." Zoe said lightly.

Seeing that Zoe had left, Jean couldn't help asking, "Mom, what are you doing?"

"What's wrong?" Mandy looked at the VIP card in her hand again and again. She hadn't lived a rich life like this for a long time. She looked up happily and saw the blame on Jean's face. Then she restrained herself a little and said to her, "She's just a servant. Is she worth your being like this?"

"Mom, you..."

"Okay, okay." "Hurry up. It's too late." said Mandy, holding Jean's hand.

Jean had

an't afford it? " Mandy, with a straight face, said to the saleswoman in front of her, "Let me tell you. My daughter is Barton's daughter. Can't she afford the money? You are such a snob. "

Mandy pointed at the little girl's nose and cursed. The girl knew that the guests here today were distinguished and dared not to offend them easily. She could only lower her head silently and dare not say anything.

Tears welled up in her eyes, but Mandy ignored it.

"Well, Ms. Mandy, don't be angry." Seeing this, Zoe, who was standing next to her, was annoyed. Just as soon as she answered the phone, Mandy was about to tear down the shop.

"What happened?" Zoe glanced at the saleswoman and asked.

"Miss Zoe, I..." The saleswoman was about to say something, but was interrupted by Mandy. She sneered and said to Zoe, "Miss Zoe, what kind of shop did you arrange? I want to try on a dress, but she's trying to refuse me here. What's wrong? Is she afraid that I can't afford it?"

"How could it be?" Zoe smiled and said, "You are Mr. Barton's benefactor. He will pay all your expenses. How can you not afford it?"

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