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   Chapter 377 Trespassing

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On the morning when the test result came out, Mandy had been pacing back and forth in her room. However, Jean, who was sitting on the sofa leisurely and browsing micro-blog, burst into laughter from time to time.

"Jean, how can you still be so calm? The result of the paternity test is coming out today. Aren't you nervous at all? " Frowning, Mandy said to Jean.

With a frown, Jean raised her head and asked Mandy, "Why are you so nervous?"

She turned off her phone and said to Mandy, "No matter what the result is, I can't change it now. Why should I be nervous?"

"But aren't you worried at all?" Mandy was about to go crazy, but Jean didn't respond at all.

"What's the point of worrying?" "What's more, it's too late for you to worry about it until now, isn't it?" Jean said to Mandy with a sneer.

"I..." Hearing what she said, Mandy was speechless.

Jean helped Mandy sit on the sofa and said, "Mom, don't worry. I have done what I should do. Next... It's time to listen to fate. "

"I hope everything goes well..." Mandy said worriedly.

After a while, there was a knock on the door. The sound was very urgent, which startled Mandy.

"Open the door." It seemed that Jean knew who it was, so she said to Mandy.

After hesitating for a while, Mandy opened the door. When she saw Barton and Zoe standing at the door, she was stunned.

With a serious look on his face, Barton asked, "Where is Jean? Where is she? "

"What... What's wrong? " Barton's sternness startled her. She looked at Barton with embarrassment and asked, "Has the identification result come out? Is there anything wrong? "

Barton ignored her and broke in directly. Then Jean stood up and as

hance to be with Terence.

Barton held his daughter in his arms and said, "Don't say anything more. As long as dad is here, no one will bully you."

Barton was overjoyed to have his daughter back. The first thing he did was to invest in Jean's company. The market value of the whole company had doubled. Everyone was guessing if Jean had found another sugar daddy.

But Jean didn't care at all. She was going to move the new company very soon. The previous place of the company was given by Terence, and now that she was moving out, she had to greet Terence reasonably.

So she drove to the HT Group.

The car was the latest Maserati, a gift from Barton. When it stopped downstairs HT Group, it immediately attracted a lot of attention.

Then Jean went upstairs with her head held high. At the door, Jillian stopped her and said, "Miss Jean, I'm sorry. You can't go in."

In the past, Jillian was very polite to her. But since she knew that she was the mistress and Julia was the real wife, Jillian couldn't help but blame herself for being blind and blame Terence.

He had been married, but he hid it so well.

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