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   Chapter 362 Out Of Control

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5615

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"Jean, calm down." Mandy comforted Jean and said to her, "I asked you before. What do you think of Uncle Xiao? Didn't you say that you liked Uncle Xiao very much? Now he has become your father. What's wrong with that? "

"Shut up!" Jean shouted, "You are all lying to me. You have been so good to me all these years. You must be lying to me, right? Are you interested in Mr. Xiao's property? Am I right? "

Hearing this, the expression on Zoe's face was very subtle.

On the other side, Mandy looked a little embarrassed. Although she had discussed with Jean about this play before, she still felt uncomfortable when she heard what Jean said.

Mandy smiled bitterly and said to Jean, "Jean, I have been nice to you all these years because I love your father very much. I also feel sorry for you because you lost your mother when you were born. So I always give you good thing we have, afraid that you will be wronged here. Even for you, my daughter and I are not so close to each other now. Jean, I doted on you before. But now…… It's time to give you back to Mr. Xiao. "

"No, stop it. I don't want to hear it." Tears kept falling down from Jean's eyes. She looked at Mandy and said, "I only have one father. He is dead."

"Jean..." Seeing that, Barton felt sad. He smiled bitterly, trying to comfort Jean.

He should have waited a little longer if he had known that Jean's reaction was so intense.

"Calm down and listen to me first." After Barton finished his words, Jean calmed down. She stopped sobbing and looked at Barton in front of her.

"Uncle Xiao, I know you want to get your daughter back, but I'm really not your daughter. I..." Jean couldn't continue.

, "Jean, what happened just now…… Isn't it too much? "

Mandy said worriedly, "I saw that Barton didn't look well just now, what if he..."

"There will be no accident." With a sneer, Jean said to Mandy, "The more I don't accept it now, the less doubt Barton has about me. If I happily accept this father, he will doubt me."

"But..." Before Mandy could say anything, she was interrupted by Jean.

With a slight frown, Jean said to Mandy, "Mom, it's not the right time to worry about it. I can see it today. Although Barton believes that I'm his daughter, but his secretary…… She is not that easy to deceive. "

"It's just a secretary. Why should we care?" Mandy said nonchalantly, "As long as Barton recognizes you as his daughter, she is just a secretary, how can she make a scene?"

"Mom, don't underestimate this woman." With a sneer, Jean said to Mandy, "She has been with Barton for so many years, which proves that she is capable. Now Barton is overwhelmed by joy and can't figure out what we are doing, but Zoe can see clearly what we are doing. Maybe…… She is trying to expose our true colors now. "

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