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   Chapter 358 Being Jealous

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Yvette's words made Julia blush. She looked at Yvette in embarrassment and said nothing.

Yvette didn't ask any more questions. She asked Julia to keep her own business in mind before she turned around and left.

The crew had been delayed for a long time because of the matter of Wesley. In the afternoon, the director came to find Julia and asked her to have a rest before filming.

"Director, how can you do that? If I delay it any longer, the progress of the crew will be slowed down by me alone... " Said Julia, frowning.

"It doesn't matter." The director smiled and said, "You are Mrs. Chen. If you are tired, I really can't explain it to Mr. Chen. So, Mrs. Chen, if you have any problem in the future, just say it directly. Don't keep it in your heart alone, okay?"

Being irritated by Terence's move, Julia looked at the director in front of her and said, "Director, I'm really fine. We'd better hurry up to work."


"There is nothing to worry about." Looking at the director helplessly, Julia said, "If you don't shoot anymore, I'll call Terence."

"Okay, okay. Let's continue shooting." Julia forced herself to calm down. The shooting in the afternoon was smooth, but she was not satisfied with the last scene.

The director looked at Julia in front of him and said, "Julia, why don't you have a rest for a night? You must be very tired after shooting so much today. Let's shoot this one again tomorrow when you have a good rest. What do you think?"

"No." Not knowing whether she was competing with herself or Terence, Julia said to the director with a cold face, "This must be finished today..."

"But..." The director frowned in embarrassment. When he was about to dissuade Julia, he

at the aggrieved look on Terence's face, Julia couldn't say anything more. She sighed and continued to say to Terence, "I know you are kind-hearted, but…… After all, this is the place where I work. What's more, if you bring food for me like this, the people in the crew will look at me strangely. I'm here to work. I don't want to be regarded as a monkey. "

Julia sighed and continued, "If you go on like this, the crew will have opinions, so you'd better not do it again."

"Really?" Terence was stunned. He looked at Julia in front of him and said, "I'm afraid that the crew will have a problem with it, so I booked the whole crew's food. I heard from Wesley that everyone enjoyed the meal and was very polite to you. Why..."

"You..." With a cold face, Julia said to Terence, "Terence, I told you not to send food again. Do you understand?"

"You…… If you do this again, I will never talk to you again. "

"Julia..." Terence held Julia's hand and said, "I also want to listen to you, but…… I've already said it. Now everyone in the crew knows that I'm going to send food every day, if I give up after only one day. How ashamed am I."

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