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Jean looked at Abby in front of her and said, "With Terence's identity and status, if he wants you to be unable to stay in this circle, it's just a matter of one sentence. If he asks, people in this circle have to give face more or less. What can I do?"

With a bitter smile, Jean continued, "So…… According to the current situation, it's impossible for you to continue to stay in this circle. Why don't you just take a sum of money and live your own life? What do you think? "

"Jean, don't……" Of course, Abby was not reconciled. She had tried her best to come into this circle. She had thought that she would definitely become famous, but she didn't expect that…… She was not reconciled to be banned in just a few months.

Looking at Abby in front of her, Jean interrupted Abby and said, "I know you are not reconciled, but if you expose me, what else can you get except for being happy at that time?"

With a sneer, Jean continued, "You've been in this circle before. Do you think you can still go back and be an assistant?"

"The money I gave you…… Although it can't make you rich or powerful, it's still an investment. With this money, you can open a shop somewhere else. In this way, your future life can be guaranteed. Isn't it much better than your temporary happiness? " Said Jean to Abby.

Abby hesitated for a moment. Although she was not reconciled, she had to admit that what Jean said was indeed reasonable.

In H City, anyone who saw Terence had to show respect to him. If she offended Terence, she would lose her way out, but…… At the thought that she was reduced to this situation because of Jean, she felt really unhapp

I put all the documents in a safe place. If anything happens to me, the evidence will immediately appear in front of Terence. What do you think? Is it exciting? "

Abby couldn't help laughing when she saw that Jean was nothing to say about it. She looked at Jean in front of her and continued, "So, Jean, that's what I can save my life, do you think…… Will I give it to you? "

"Abby, you..."

"Don't be angry." Abby smiled and continued, "Don't worry. I am not an unreasonable person. Since I have taken your money, I will naturally do my job. As long as I am fine, I can guarantee that the information will not be leaked. What do you think?"

Jean was rendered speechless by Abby's words. She looked at Abby coldly and said, "Well, in that case, I'll believe you once. I'll ask someone to transfer the remaining two million to your card as soon as possible. But remember what you said today. If anything happens, don't blame me for being ruthless."

Jean sneered and said to Abby, "I'm not that easy to be threatened. What if…… If anything happens, you should know the consequences. "

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