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   Chapter 325 In A Dilemma

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5788

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"Mom, what do you mean?" With a cold face, Jean said to Mandy, "Are you…… To beat around the bush, you said I'm not as good as that bitch, Julia? "

"I didn't mean that." Mandy frowned and said to Jean, "I just think…… You are too tired. "

With a bitter smile, Mandy said to Jean, "In fact, from the very beginning, Terence had taken a fancy to Julia. He hasn't changed for so many years, which proves that he still has feelings for Julia…… How can you change him overnight? "

Mandy sighed and continued, "As you can see, Terence is only lukewarm about you now, and I don't think he has any interest in you at all. In this case, if you insist on liking him, he won't cherish you. I'm afraid that you will be too tired and hurt yourself."

Mandy pulled Jean's hand and said, "You are my only daughter. I don't want you to be wronged like this."

"Mom, I don't feel wronged." Jean sneered and said to Mandy, "As long as I can be with Terence, I can go through all the grievances, but…… But now Terence's soul has been seduced by Julia. I really don't know what else I can do. "

"Jean, you..." Mandy wanted to persuade Jean to give up. She sighed and said to her, "Now you are successful, young and beautiful, and there are many pursuers around you. I think that Mr. Ye is good. He is young and promising, and he loves you wholeheartedly. If you are with him, you will live like a princess all your life. Why do you have to be with Terence?"

Mandy smiled bitterly, "What's so good about Terence that you are so concerned about him?"

"Mom, you don't understand." Jean said with a bitter smile, "No matter how good an outsider is, he is not Terence. If I want to marry someone, I will marry the best man in H City. I won

me die with you. What benefit will it bring to you? "

"Yes, there is no benefit." Abby sneered and said to Jean, "Maybe I can feel better when I see you go to hell with me."

"You..." Jean was full of resentment, but she knew that she couldn't annoy Abby at this time. If they really fought against each other, it would do her no good.

Jean took a deep breath and said to Abby, "Abby, how about we make a deal?"

"Deal? What deal? " Abby asked coldly.

Now that she had nothing, she was naturally not afraid that Jean would play tricks on her.

"Although I can't let you go back to the company now, but…… I can give you a sum of money. With this money, you can do whatever you want, so that your life can be guaranteed, when…… The rumor is over, then I ask you to come back, what do you think? " Said Jean to Abby.

"Are you kidding me?" Abby sneered and said to Jean, "Do you think I will believe you again? Now that Terence has given the order, my future in this industry is completely ruined. It's just a lie that you use to deceive me. "

"Since you know it, why do you make things difficult for me?" Said Jean with a bitter smile.

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