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   Chapter 323 Make Trouble

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"You don't believe me?" Jean frowned and said to Abby, "You know that Terence is a shareholder of the company after all, even I can't change his decision. I know you like this industry, but…… I can do nothing about it. "

"So..." Abby sneered and said to Jean, "Are you going to kick me away?"

"Don't say such harsh words." With a sneer, Jean continued to say to Abby, "I also want to help you, but I really can't do anything to offend Terence."

Abby smiled, "Miss Jean, in fact, I knew from the very beginning that you were willing to sign me because you wanted me to help you deal with Julia. So, I kept an eye on it. Every time you asked me to do something, I secretly recorded the sound, so I have a lot of evidence now, what do you think…… If Terence knows that you are behind all this, what will he do? "

Abby sneered and continued, "Miss Jean, I am not important, it's the right choice to sacrifice me if something happens, but..."

Abby looked at Jean in front of her and continued, "But you are different. How can your status be compared with mine? If you make everyone unhappy because of such a trifle, it's not worth it."

"Are you threatening me?" Said Jean, looking at Abby coldly.

"Threatening? How can it be regarded as a threat? " Abby smiled and said to Jean, "I'm trying to protect myself."

Abby looked at Jean in front of her and said lightly, "In short, if you can solve this matter smoothly, then everyone will be safe, but…… If it can't be solved, then I…… Even if I die, I have to take you with me. Do you understand? "

"Abby, you..." Jean was so angry, she looked at Abby and said, "We are all in the same boat. Why do you have to kill all of us?"


ned and why his attitude towards her had changed to this.

Jean looked at Joy coldly, "If I can't see him today, I won't leave. If you don't let me in, I'll wait at the door. I don't believe that he can hide in the office for the rest of his life."

"Miss Jean, you…… Why? " Joy smiled bitterly, "If you keep doing this, I have to ask the security to invite you out."

When Jean heard what Joy said, an incredible look flashed across her face.

She knew that Joy wouldn't have done that if Terence hadn't acquiesced.

She didn't expect that Terence would be so cruel to avoid her.

But the more Terence behaved like this, the more Jean wanted to see him. She shouted at Terence's office, "Terence, come out. If I can't see you today, I will never leave. If you can, just hide inside..."

"Miss Jean, you can go now. Stop shouting..." Joy was so anxious that she almost burst into tears. If Terence heard it, he would definitely blame her.

"Terence, come out!" Ignoring Joy, Jean shouted.

When Joy was at a loss, the door of Terence's office opened. He stood at the door with a cold face and said, "Let her in."

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