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   Chapter 322 Sow Discord

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Hearing what Terence said, Julia was in a daze for a moment.

Although it was not the first time that she had heard Terence say so, Julia felt that Terence was so serious.

But between her and Terence…… She couldn't forget that.

"Terence, I..." After hesitating for a while, Julia said to Terence, "I appreciate your coming to save me today, but…… I don't know if I can go back to the past, at least now…… I can't give you a reply yet. "

"I know." Terence nodded slightly. He didn't intend to tell her the truth. He had already known the truth of the matter three years ago. He wanted to tell her after it was completely solved, "Julia, I don't want to force you, but I will let you see my attitude. When you feel that you can accept me, we will talk about it again."

Terence smiled and said to Julia, "It's late. Let me drive you home."

On the way back, Terence didn't talk to Julia anymore. Julia had gone through too much tonight, and Terence wanted to give her some time to have a rest.

After getting off the car, Terence didn't leave immediately. Instead, he watched Julia enter the hotel.

On the second day, when Julia entered the crew, she didn't see Abby. In the afternoon, she heard the news that Abby had been removed. Although the shooting of the movie didn't start for a long time, it was troublesome to change the actress. But she didn't hear any complaint from anyone. On the contrary, everyone seemed to be relaxed.

Jean had also heard the news that Abby had been removed. After Abby was warned by Terence, she returned to the studio, crying, wanted to let Jean to get a justice for herself.

Hearing the news that Abby had been removed, Jean frowned and asked, "Haven't I dealt with Jessie? Why did this happen? "

"Miss Jean..." Abby's eyes were swollen wi

u help me plead, he may give me a chance. I really can't be banned. I beg you."

"Okay, I know." Said Jean, frowning.

In fact, Jean knew that Abby said so much just to urge her to speak for her, but she knew Terence too well. If he made such a decision, it was impossible to change it easily.

Back then, Jean signed Abby because she wanted to take advantage of the relationship between her and Julia to achieve her goal. But now, it seemed that everything was impossible.

Now, Abby was like a useless chess piece to her. Of course, she would casually throw her away.

How could she offend Terence for Abby?

Looking at Abby indifferently, Jean said, "I'll handle it. You can go back first."

Abby looked at Jean and sneered, "Miss Jean, are you lying to me?"

"How could it be?" With a frown, Jean said, "I'll ask Terence about it, but you should also be mentally prepared. I can't change his decision. You can go back and have a rest for a while. I'll change your appearance when the rumor is over."

"Miss Jean, do you think I'm still a three year old child?" Abby sneered and said, "If I really leave now, I'm afraid it will be difficult to see you in the future, won't it?"

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