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   Chapter 321 Restart

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"Mr. Chen, even if you want to humiliate me, you shouldn't do that, right?" Bean looked at Terence coldly and said, "Do you think I will be afraid because of this thing? Don't you have any scandals? "

Bean sneered, "You are engaged to Jean, but now you want to sleep with your sister-in-law. Aren't you afraid that I will expose it?"

Bean glanced at Julia in front of him and said with a sneer, "No wonder you refused to come with me just now. It turns out that you have such a powerful man. I underestimated you, Julia."

"It seems that Mr. Zhu won't apologize?" Terence sneered and said to Bean, "Then I have to think about which magazine should I send such a beautiful photo to?"

"Chen Mr. Chen... " Hearing what Terence said, Bean panicked. He looked at Terence and said, "Mr. Chen, it's my fault. It's all my fault. Please don't..."

Seeing that it was useless to make an apology, he could only look at Julia beside him.

Since Terence had spoken, it was useless to escape. Bean could only follow Terence's request and said to Julia, "Miss Julia, I'm so blind today. Please forgive me this time..."

Bean kowtowed as he spoke, which was totally different from his arrogant and domineering look just now.

"Terence, forget it." Looking at Bean's expression, Julia couldn't help saying to Terence.

Terence sneered and said to Bean, "Do you hear that? Now that Julia has pleaded for you, get out of here!"

"Yes, yes, I'm leaving now." No matter how reluctant Bean was, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and swallow hard. Then he rolled out of the room.

Seeing this, Abby wanted to leave with Bean in a hurry, but Terence stopped her. "Stop, w

"You..." After hesitating for a while, Julia asked, "Why are you here?"

"Jasmyn called me." Terence said indifferently, "She said she was worried about you, so she asked me to come here. Fortunately, I came, or what about you alone?"

"Yes..." Julia smiled bitterly, "Fortunately, you are here, or I really don't know what will happen."

"You..." "Be more careful in the future. Don't always trust others, and don't let me worry about you," said Terence crossly.

Terence's words made the atmosphere between the two people warm up. Julia was stunned and looked at Terence in front of her, asking, "You…… You really worry about me? "

"Let's go. I'll drive you home." Terence looked away awkwardly and avoided the topic.

"Answer me." Holding Terence's hand, Julia looked at the ring on Terence's hand and said, "This ring…… We bought it when we two got married. You never wore it before. Why do you wear it now? Terence, what do you mean? "

"I mean…… Didn't I make it clear to you before? " Terence didn't dodge. He looked at Julia and said indifferently, "Julia, I want to start over with you."

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