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   Chapter 319 Wait A Minute

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 6170

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Mr. Zhu didn't want to hide his true face anymore. He pulled Julia fiercely, then his greasy lips were close to Julia's.

When Abby saw this scene, she couldn't help taking two more photos.

Seeing Mr. Zhu approaching, Julia picked up the bottle on the table and smashed it at him. The bottle was broken into pieces and the red wine mixed with Mr. Zhu's blood fell down.

Mr. Zhu looked very embarrassed at that time. He cried and swore to make Julia pay the price.

At that time, Julia was really scared. She would do everything, she didn't want Mr. Zhu to get close to her.

Julia held the broken wine bottle in her hand fiercely as the only weapon in her hand and said to Mr. Zhu in front of her, "Don't…… Don't come over. I'll teach you a lesson if you come any closer. "

"Bitch!" Mr. Zhu endured the pain. He would get the woman he liked in any way. Even if the girl cried after that, as long as he gave enough compensation, coupled with menace, everything would be settled.

He had never been so embarrassed by a woman in such a long time.

At this moment, he was really angry. All he wanted was to make Julia pay for what she had done.

Mr. Zhu approached Julia step by step. Julia was angry and scared. She held the wine bottle in her hand and said, "Don't come over. If you come any closer, I will really do it."

"Come on, do it." Mr. Zhu sneered and said to Julia, "Stab me to death if you can. If you don't stab me to death today, I will definitely kill you."

Julia panicked. She didn't think Mr. Zhu was joking.

"I have no enmity with you. Why did you do this to me?" Until now, Julia didn't think about Abby. She was even worried about Abby. She had been here for such a long time. Would something happen to Abby?

"No enmity?" Mr. Zhu sneered, "Yes, there is no enmity between us. Originally, as long as you

urtively, so I wanted to come in and have a look. I didn't expect…… I'm sorry to interrupt you, Mr. Zhu. "

"Peeping?" Mr. Zhu was stunned. He glared at Abby. It was Abby who really ruined his plan. If it weren't for her, how could Terence come in?

Mr. Zhu didn't dare to act rashly in front of Terence. He smiled at Terence and said, "Mr. Chen, what are you talking about? You are my savior..."

"Why don't you introduce her to me?" Terence said lightly.

"She..." Mr. Zhu sneered and said lightly, "She is just an obscure star."

Mr. Zhu sneered and said to Abby, "Hurry up and take her away."

"Yes, yes." Noticing the look in Mr. Zhu's eyes, Abby hurried forward and tried to drag Julia away. Unexpectedly, Julia held the wine bottle tightly and looked at Abby coldly.

Abby was really frightened by the look in Julia' eyes at that time. She didn't even dare to get close to her. She just looked at Julia from a distance and said, "Julia, let's go first..."

"Wait!" Terence smiled and said, "I just arrived and you let her to leave in a hurry. Mr. Zhu, what do you mean?"

"Mr. Chen, you don't know..." Mr. Zhu sighed and said, "This woman is ungrateful. Look at me now, I am…… For your safety, Mr. Chen. "

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