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   Chapter 316 Play Tricks On Me

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"I know." "I'll tell her later. Don't take it to heart," Julia said to Jasmyn with a smile.

"No, Julia..." Jasmyn looked at Julia awkwardly and said, "I just think…… There must be a reason for Abby's sudden kindness to you. "

Although Jasmyn hadn't been in touch with Abby for a long time, she could tell that Abby was not the kind of person who was nostalgic. Abby even seemed to have a purpose in her eyes when she tried to please Julia.

Jasmyn was not afraid of taking her job. She was afraid that Julia was too kind to trust others.

"I know you care about me..." With a smile, Julia pulled Jasmyn to sit next to her and said, "But you should trust others more. Don't always doubt others. I think…… Maybe Abby really knows that she is wrong. "

"Julia, I..." Hearing what Julia said, Jasmyn was anxious, but it was obvious that Julia didn't want to waste time on this matter. She smiled and asked, "Where is Holley? It seems that he hasn't come to practice with me for a long time..."

"He..." Jasmyn said crossly, "I'm afraid he won't come again."

"Why do you say that?" Julia was stunned and asked Jasmyn.

"Julia, you don't know..." Jasmyn sighed and said to Julia, "When I passed by the lounge of Holley, I heard that Ada was scolding him. She said that she didn't want him to get in touch with us. I thought he would definitely refuse, but he nodded and agreed."

Jasmyn sneered and said to Julia, "I don't think Holley has any idea. He even agreed to such a request. He doesn't take you as his friend at all."

Jasmyn said crossly.

Hearing what Jasmyn said, Julia smiled and didn't care at all.

She had already known that Ada didn't like her. Now it was go

frowned slightly. "It's not that I'm rude to her, it's…… I can't be polite to her. "

Jasmyn sneered and said to Julia, "As you can see, the dinner party, to put it nicely, is to make friends with others. Put it in a bad way, it is to drink with others. In this way, she still wants to take you with her. In my opinion, she has no good intentions."

"Maybe it's just a simple dinner." Julia said lightly, "Anyway, don't do that again..."

"Got it." Jasmyn said angrily. Although she said yes, she would definitely do the same thing if Abby did it again.

When Abby arrived at the hotel, there was only Mr. Zhu in the room. He had planned to meet Julia today, but when he saw Abby come alone, his face changed.

Mr. Zhu looked at Abby coldly and said, "Abby, for the sake of Mr. Han, I gave you a chance, and you had promised me, but now you appear alone. Are you kidding me?"

Mr. Zhu sneered and continued, "Although I have signed the contract with you, you should know that as long as I want, I have many ways to make the contract not count and make you unable to stay in this circle. Do you want to have a try?"

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