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   Chapter 314 Customized Tailoring

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"When I was your assistant, you treated me so well, and I did such a thing to you. I really feel ashamed to see you." Abby sighed.

Seeing that Abby was in a dilemma, Julia' heart softened. She said to Abby in front of her, "Well, the past is all over. Since you are also in this crew now, you should play your role well. When you are strong enough, Jean will give you a chance."

Abby smiled bitterly and said, "How can such a vicious supporting role make me famous?"

Abby looked at Julia and said, "Julia, I'm not as lucky as you. I got this role…… It was really not easy. I wonder if I will have another role after I finish this TV series. "

Looking at Abby's downcast face, Julia couldn't help comforting her. She smiled and said to Abby, "You have to be confident in your own efforts. No matter what kind of role you play, as long as you perform well and let the audience see your efforts, you will definitely have a chance to become famous. Just tell me, isn't the last play also a vicious supporting role?"

Julia smiled and continued, "Now the audience accept more than you think, so you must be confident in yourself."

Abby looked at Julia in front of her and said, "Julia…… Have you forgiven me? "

Julia was stunned for a moment and continued to say to Abby, "What is there to forgive or not forgive. In fact…… You are just in a dilemma between me and Jean. The real contradiction is between me and Jean. No wonder anyone else. "

"Julia, you are so kind..." Abby stepped forward and hugged Julia.

Seeing that Abby was so intimate with her, Julia frowned slightly. She pushed Abby away without being noticed. Although she knew that Abby was also a victim…… After all, she had done something wrong to herself, so the relationship between them could not be restored.

Embarrassed, Julia pushed Abby awa

you, you two are so familiar with each other. Can you help him to know Julia?"

"Mr. Zhu?" Abby looked at Mr. Zhu and asked, "Really?"

"Exactly." Mr. Zhu smiled and said, "I met her once at a party. I've been thinking about it all the time. But she seldom dates with people in the business circle. I've been unable to contact her all the time. I heard that Mr. Han has a relationship with you, so I can only ask you for help."

"She..." Abby frowned slightly and said to Mr. Zhu, "Mr. Zhu, it's not that I don't want to help you, but..."

"But what?" Mr. Zhu asked anxiously.

"But Julia is different from me. She is lofty and doesn't like to take part in such a party, so..." Abby smiled bitterly. "So even if I ask, she might not come."

Mr. Zhu smiled and said to Abby, "You have known her for a long time. I believe you can find a way to bring her here."

Mr. Zhu looked at Abby and said, "I don't mean anything else. We just sit down and have a drink together. We can have a chat and make friends."

Seeing that Abby was still in a dilemma, Mr. Zhu continued, "I heard from Mr. Han that you always want to act the heroine. Well, if you can help me, I will make a movie for you. What do you think?"

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