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   Chapter 313 Showing Affection

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Updated: 2020-06-28 00:05

"What do you mean?" When Sandra heard what Terence said, she was furious. Then she looked at Terence and said, "Are you going to drive me away?"

"I didn't mean that." Terence said indifferently, "I just don't want to bother Jean so much."

Terence raised his hand to check the time and said to the two people in front of him, "I'm in a hurry to work. I won't talk anymore."

As soon as Terence finished his words, he was about to leave. Jean was stunned, she really didn't know what had happened and why Terence's attitude towards her had changed so much.

Sandra was also stunned. Terence didn't treat Jean like this before…… What's up?

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and catch her!" Sandra frowned and said to Jean.

It was not until then that Jean came to her senses. She wouldn't give up so easily. She took off her apron and chased after Terence. When she went out, Terence had just started the car. She hurriedly knocked on the glass of the car and said to Terence, "Terence, can…… Can you give me a ride? "

"I can't." Terence said indifferently, "I'm in a hurry, and we're not on the same way."

"But I..." She hadn't told him where to go.

Before Jean could finish her words, Terence had already closed the window and sped away, completely ignoring Jean.

Jean was stunned and didn't know what had happened.

It had been a long time since she came back. Although something didn't go well, she managed to get out of danger every time. And Terence had always been nice to her.

It was the first time that Terence had refused her so rudely.

Was this Julia so important in Terence's heart? How could he do this for the sake of Julia?

No, she couldn't let it happen.

She took out her phone, then ga

, "What are you doing here?"

"Of course I'm here to apologize to you." Abby said with a smile, "It was all my fault. I was too reckless. Julia, you are broad-minded. Please don't lower yourself to the same level as me."

Looking at Abby's expression, Julia really didn't know what Abby want to do.

With a cold face, Julia asked Abby, "What on earth do you want to do?"

"Julia..." Abby sighed and said to Julia, "Actually…… I treated you like that before because of Jean. You know, I work for her and I can't disobey her no matter what she says, so... "

Abby smiled bitterly, "I really don't understand. You two are sisters. Why did she do this to you?"

"Why did you say that to me?" Julia was stunned. She didn't expect Abby to tell her this. She sneered and said to Abby, "Aren't you afraid that Jean will know that you tell me this?"

"Even if she knows, I will accept it." Abby smiled bitterly. "I have done a lot of immoral things against my conscience before. I really can't help her anymore. If it goes on like this, I can't stand it anymore."

Abby smiled bitterly and said to Julia, "Especially for what I have done to you, I..."

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