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   Chapter 312 Strange Attitude

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"Grandma, you are back." "Breakfast is ready. Would you like to have breakfast first?" Jean asked Sandra with a smile.

"No, thanks." Sandra smiled and said to Jean, "Terence should be getting up soon. You two can have a good chat then. I won't be here."

Sandra walked up to Jean and said, "This is a good chance. Don't let me waste my time."

"Okay, grandma." Jean smiled and said to Sandra.

Sandra had just returned to her room when Terence got up. He hadn't been back to the old house for a long time. He had a good sleep last night. To his surprise, he didn't get up until the alarm clock rang.

Terence hadn't been to the company for two days and had a lot of things to deal with, so he got up early. After washing up, he went downstairs and saw Jean busy in the kitchen. He frowned slightly.

Since Terence knew the truth from Maggie, his opinion of Jean had changed greatly.

In the past, Terence had always thought that Jean was a well-educated, gentle and elegant girl, and she took everything into consideration, she would be a good match for him.

When he had a fierce fight with Julia, Terence even had an idea to live with Jean for a lifetime.

But now……

No matter what he looked at Jean, Terence thought she was pretending. This woman…… It was so frightening.

It was so scheming to fool him for so many years.

"Terence, you're up." At the sight of Terence, a touch of joy appeared on Jean's face. She said to Terence, "I've made your favorite food. Come and have a taste."

Jean smiled at Terence, only to find that Terence stood still and had no intention of coming over.

Hearing this, Jean was stunned. She felt that there was something wrong with Terence, but she couldn't tell.

Jean looked at Terence and as

. Don't disturb her later."

"Terence, you…… What happened? " Jean asked Terence, "Did I do something wrong?" That's why you did this to me. "

"No, you are fine." Terence sneered. He was blind before.

"Anyway, you have to work hard in the company from now on. As for my grandma, my mother will take good care of her. You don't need to worry about my grandma." Terence said lightly.

"But, Terence, I..." Jean had no idea what had happened. She didn't even know what to say.

Although Sandra went back to her room, she had been paying attention to the situation here. Seeing that Jean couldn't figure out what was going on, she hurried out of the room and asked Terence with a straight face, "What are you doing? Jean came here early this morning to make breakfast for you. Why didn't you thank her, but kicked her out? Is this how you entertain your guests? "

Sandra frowned and said, "I'm lonely at this house. There's no one to talk to me. Now that you've driven Jean away, who will talk to me? "

"Grandma." With a cold face, Terence said to Sandra, "If you are really bored, I can pay you to go out and have a trip. It's better than staying at home."

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