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   Chapter 310 Enlightening

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5740

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"Terence, what's wrong with you?" Noticing that Terence was in a bad mood, Tina asked awkwardly, "What happened?"

"Nothing. I'm just very tired." Terence said indifferently. To be honest, he had already been used to the endless quarrels between Tina and Sandra. But he didn't know why he couldn't stand it at that moment.

Hearing that Terence was tired, Sandra stopped and said to Terence, "If you really feel tired, just eat something. Ask your mother to make a soup for you later. Stay here tonight."

Terence nodded slightly and agreed.

After eating, Terence stood at the terrace on the second floor to smoke. Scott came over and asked Terence, "Are you in a bad mood?"

"Dad, I'm fine." Terence said indifferently. He was an adult and didn't want his family to worry about him.

"It's written all over your face." Scott smiled, patted Terence on the shoulder and said to Terence, "I know you have been sensible since you were a child, and you like to keep everything in your heart, but there are some things that need to pour out, don't you think so?"

"Dad, what do you think..." Terence frowned slightly, "If you do something wrong, or if you misunderstand mom for a long time, will she forgive you?"

"She?" Scott smiled, "Your mother is such a bad tempered woman. If I dared to misunderstand her, she would have turned the sky upside down. The matter you mentioned would not exist at all."

After Scott finished his words, Terence also laughed. He could even imagine how angry Tina would be.

"That's right. Only you can bear my mother's temper for so many years." Terence sighed and said to Scott, "You…… Don't you feel tired? "

"Tired? How could it be? " Scott smiled and said to Terenc

n the future, your mother and I will be satisfied."

"Don't worry. As long as Julia forgives me, I will treat her well." Terence said lightly.

"Then your mother and I will wait for another wedding." Scott patted Terence's shoulder and said, "At that time, your mother and I will definitely give you a big red envelope, but I tell you, if you bully Julia again, your mother and I will be the first one to not spare you."

"Don't worry." Terence smiled.

Seeing Scott leave, Terence suddenly stopped Scott, "Dad."

"What's wrong?" Scott stopped and asked Terence.

"Thank you." Thank him for his advice at night, so that he could finally figure out what he wanted.

Scott smiled and left the balcony.

Tina prepared a room for Terence. When she heard Scott say that Terence finally figured it out, she was so happy that she almost cried out.

"Why are you crying? It's a happy thing." Scott smiled and wiped Tina's tears.

"I am…… happy for Julia. " Tina turned tears into smiles and said, "Scott, we…… Finally, this day comes. "

"Our son has grown up. We don't need to worry about him anymore." Scott sighed with emotion.

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