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   Chapter 306 Three Years Ago (Part Five)

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5466

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Seeing that Aron was so nervous about Julia, Jean was furious.

Aron had been protecting Julia since she was a child. Compared with her, Jean felt like she was picked up from outside. She was really angry and said to Aron with tears, "Dad, you have been protecting sister since childhood. I don't care about these, but…… But if you continue to protect her like this, I won't let it go. "

Jean said to Aron with tears, "Today is me and Terence single party. So many people outside know that we are going to get married. But what had happened? When I was busy entertaining the guests downstairs and protecting the dignity of the two families, my good sister unexpectedly climbed into my fiance's bed. How can I live on? "

Jean cried even harder, "I'd rather die than be insulted like this. It's all over."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Aron frowned slightly. After all, Jean was also his daughter. How could he really watch her die? "Didn't I say that? I will find out the truth. I won't let your sister suffer from injustice, I also won't make you get wronged. "

"You don't want me get wronged?" "Dad, I've been wronged," Jean said to Aron with a sneer.

Jean looked at Aron and continued, "I trust her so much and let her take care of my fiance, but I didn't expect that she…… I can't believe it... "

Jeanwas too ashamed to finish her words.

"Jean..." Julia pulled Jean's hand hurriedly and said, "Listen to me. I really don't know what happened. I…… I was really drugged and sent here. "

"Enough!" With a sneer, Jean shook off Julia's hand and said, "Stop acting now."

Jean sneered, "You said that you

ve seen me too. At that time, I was followed by two men in black, they carried me. You must have seen them, right?"

"Sister, what are you doing?" Jean sneered, "Collusion?"

"No, I didn't. I just..." With a bitter smile, Julia put down her hand awkwardly.

Then Jean turned to Maggie and said, "Don't be afraid. Tell me everything you see."

Maggie nodded slightly and continued, "About half past ten, I saw Miss Julia go upstairs. She went straight into Mr. Chen's room and never came out again."

Aron frowned slightly and asked Maggie, "How was her mental condition at that time? What do the two men in black look like? "

Maggie looked at Aron with embarrassment and said, "At that time, Miss Julia seemed to be in a bad mood, but she was absolutely sober. As for..."

Maggie glanced at Julia and continued, "As for the two men in black she just mentioned, I really didn't see them. Maybe…… Maybe Miss Julia is talking nonsense... "

"You are talking nonsense. Tell me, who let you say these?" Julia was collapsed, her only hope was shattered. How could she not panic?

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