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   Chapter 302 Three Years Ago (Part One)

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5364

Updated: 2020-06-25 07:09

Three years ago.

As soon as the news of Terence and Jean's engagement came out, Julia was in a bad mood and drank alone in the bar.

She didn't dare to drink too much. She remembered that she was going to congratulate the second day to them, so as soon as she felt tipsy, she put down the glass in her hand and was about to go home.

At the same time, Jean also made a scene at home.

"Mom, I don't want to marry that Terence." Since Aron was not at home, she smashed everything in the house and kept quarreling with Mandy.

Seeing that her daughter was in such a mess, Mandy felt bad.

She pulled Jean to sit on the bed and asked, "Good girl, tell me, why don't you marry him?"

Mandy couldn't figure out what was wrong with Terence. She procured the marriage with great effort, but why Jean was unhappy about it?

"What's wrong with Terence? He is good-looking and has a good family condition. Most importantly, he grew up with you. He knows everything about you. What's wrong with such a good man? Why are you so resistant to this marriage?"

Mandy sighed and said to Jean, "You should know that it took me a lot of efforts. If you marry Terence in the future, your life will be guaranteed. What on earth do you want more of?"

"What do you know?" Jean sneered and said, "Haven't you heard of it?" HT Company is in danger now. If he can't get through this crisis, Terence is likely to go bankrupt. Do you want me to marry a bankrupt man and live a mediocre life? "

"Who told you this?" Frowning, Mandy said to Jean, "HT Company is still fine. Why is it going bankrupt? "


u can't help me solve this matter smoothly, I…… I'll die. "

Jean said tearfully, "Anyway, if I need to live with a man I don't love all my life. I won't live any longer. I'd rather die. It's all over."

Jean was about to go to the rooftop, Mandy was frightened and hugged her in a hurry, then said, "You are my only daughter. What shall I do if you die?"

"Mom..." Jean said with tears, "It's all up to you. Mom, please help me..."

"Okay, okay. Don't worry. I will help you." Mandy said yes, she was willing to do anything as long as Jean could make Jean happy.

"By the way, mom." In order to get rid of Terence as soon as possible, Jean thought faster than anyone else. She took Mandy's hand and said, "Doesn't Julia like Terence very much? If Julia did something at this time because she couldn't let Terence go, then…… This marriage will have nothing to do with us, right? "

"You mean..." With a slight frown, Mandy soon understood what Jean meant, "Is it appropriate to do this?"

"Why not?" "Mom, if you keep hesitating, you will really harm me."

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