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The landlady sighed and continued, "Maggie used to be a honest person, but after came back from H City, everything has changed."

"She have been out for only two or three years. But after she came back, she turned her shabby house into a small villa, bought most of the land in the village, and hired people to work for thee, just like a small boss. She and her family even don't connect with old neighbors anymore. All she want is to make money." The landlady sighed, then continued, "Everyone said that Maggie got filthy lucre when she was outside, so Maggie had been in poor health these years. And her son, who has been married for three years, hasn't had a son or a daughter yet. Everyone in the village said that this is their retribution."

The old lady looked at them and asked, "You came here…… For what? "

"Nothing, ma'am. Here's the money for breakfast. Thank you." Putting down the breakfast money, Wesley followed Terence and said to him, "Mr. Chen, it seems that this matter is most likely true. Maggie must have taken the money from someone before, so she deliberately lied to us."

Terence kept silent with a cold face. After a long time, he said to Wesley, "Let's go and see what's going on."

Terence couldn't wait any longer. He couldn't just wait here until dawn. Even at midnight, he had to break the door open and ask her about it.

Knowing that he couldn't stop Terence, Wesley gave up and led him to the door of Maggie's house.

The landlady of the breakfast shop was right. Maggie's house was indeed different from other houses. From afar, they could see a European style three story villa, which was different from the old houses around.

"Mr. Chen, that's it." Taking a look at the closed door, Wesley said to T

n. Terence didn't say anything but looked at Maggie indifferently. Maggie's face turned pale. After a long time, she walked up to Terence and asked, "Mr.…… Mr. Chen, why are you here? "

"It's so rare that you still remember Mr. Chen." With a smile, Wesley said to Maggie, "You have a good memory."

Maggie smiled awkwardly and said, "What are you talking about? I…… After all, I had worked in the hotel owned by HT Company for three years. How could I…… Don't remember my boss? "

"That's good." With a sneer, Wesley said to Maggie, "Since you still remember Mr. Chen, then…… Let's cut the crap. What happened three years ago…… Do you remember? "

Maggie's face darkened at his question.

Three years had passed, and she almost thought it was over, but she didn't expect it to come again.

She smiled awkwardly and said, "I don't know What do you mean? "

"Are you sure you want to put on an act?" With a sneer, Wesley kicked Wolf and said to Maggie, "I have a bad temper, forgive me."

"You…… Let go of my son. " Maggie frowned and said to Wesley.

Her husband died early. Her son was her treasure. How could she let her son be bullied like this?

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