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   Chapter 299 Generous

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5973

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Having nothing to say, Wesley said to the driver beside him, "Hurry up."

On the way to An County, Terence didn't say a word, but he kept thinking what he should do if the matter was really as what Julia said that she was innocent?

He had misunderstood Julia for three years, more than 1000 days. How should he make it up to her?

"Mr. Chen, why don't you sleep for a while? We still have a few hours to get there." Sitting in the front row, Wesley turned to Terence and said.

Terence didn't say anything. How could he fall asleep.

The closer he got to the truth, the more uneasy he felt.

On the one hand, he really wanted to prove her innocence. On the other hand, he was afraid that he had misunderstood her How should he……

"Wesley." After hesitating for a while, Terence asked, "Do you think What is the truth? "

After a short pause, Wesley asked Terence, "Mr. Chen, we will arrive in a few hours. You can ask the cleaner yourself then."

Why bother to ask him again?

"I just want to hear it from you." Terence said coldly.

After a short pause, Wesley said to Terence, "I think…… Mrs. Julia must have been wronged. She is a nice person. And she is gentle and soft to everyone. It seems that she doesn't seem to be able to do such a thing. Moreover, she said that she was held in the room in a daze. "

After a pause, Wesley continued, "What happened that night was too coincidental. First, the surveillance camera in the corridor of the hotel was broken, and then the cleaner. If Mrs. Julia said was false, there was no need for her to tell the cleaner. On the contrary, the cleaner returned to her hometown immediately after the accident, that means there was..."

Terence smiled bitterly and said to him, "So…… You think Julia was wronged? "

"Yes." W

k is really good."

"Really?" The landlady laughed even more happily. She said, "It's not that I have a good eyesight. It's you three don't fit in with our place. The people here are diligent all their lives with their faces facing the earth. Even Maggie who lived at the end of the village has been in the city for so many years, it's not as elegant as you."

"Maggie?" After a short pause, Wesley vaguely remembered the cleaner's name. He put down the steamed stuffed bun in his hand and asked the woman in front of him, "Auntie, is Maggie you mentioned surnamed Ding?"

"Yes. You Know her? " The woman asked in confusion.

"What a coincidence! We are here for her." Said Wesley with a smile.

"She…… Did she do something bad in the city? " The woman asked timidly.

"Of course not. We are just..."

Before he could finish his words, Terence interrupted him and asked the woman in front of him, "Lady, why do you ask this?"

"Her family..." The woman sighed, "Ever since she came back from H City, they've been acting weird and seldom seen people in the village. What's more, they've become very generous. I haven't seen them do anything in normal times, but they're rich."

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