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   Chapter 298 Do You Have A Better Idea

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5721

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With these words, Julia stood up and didn't want to talk to Jean anymore.

Because she knew in her heart that she and Jean were like water and fire, and there would never be a day of merging.

It was better to be honest to everyone than to pretend to be innocent.

Looking at the receding figure of Julia, Jean's face turned particularly ugly.

"What did you talk about?" When Julia came over, Holley had just finished talking with a familiar actor. Seeing her, he asked casually.

"Nothing." Julia shook her head slightly and said to Holley, "It's just several sentences, she can't come up with any new trick."

For the whole night, Julia and Jean both kept silent. When they went back in the evening, Holley said that he wanted to drive Julia home, but was refused by Julia. "Well, you'd better go back and have a good rest. I can go back by myself."

"Julia, let me drive you home." Holley frowned and said to Julia, "We haven't seen each other for a long time. It's a good chance for us to talk."

"Let's talk about it tomorrow." Julia smiled and said to Holley, "Anyway…… We will be in the same team from tomorrow on. There will be a lot of time that we can talk."

"But..." Holley wanted to say something more, but was interrupted by Julia. "Just listen to me. Go back and have a good rest. By the way, think about how to explain what happened tonight to Ada."

This was what Julia worried most.

Ada didn't like her at all. Tonight, Holley stood up for her. Ada must be very uncomfortable. Even if she called and scolded her, she didn't complain. But she didn't want to affect the relationship between Ada and Holley because of this thing.

"Don't worry. I can handle such a small matt

so said that she saw a cleaner when she was in a daze. But when we found the cleaner, she insisted that it was Mrs. Julia who helped you in. And that was why Mrs. Julia was convicted."

"I remember it. Is there anything wrong?" Terence asked indifferently.

"It's all my fault." With a sneer, Wesley said to Terence, "The cleaner resigned and went back to her hometown in a few days. It took me a lot of effort to find her hometown. What do you think..."

"Since you have found her hometown, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! " Terence frowned and asked.

He had always firmly believed that it was Julia who had done it, but it was obvious that she didn't think so.

If there was really something wrong with this matter, Terence should prove that Julia was innocent.

So he couldn't wait to know the truth.

"Mr. Chen, that place…… It's too far. " Wesley frowned, "The cleaner's family condition is not very good. She came out of the mountain. We can go there now and won't arrive until tomorrow morning, and..."

"So what?" Terence asked with a cold face, "Do you have any better idea other than looking for the cleaner?"

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