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   Chapter 297 Fight Head On

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5251

Updated: 2020-06-24 01:41

Julia smiled and said to Holley, "Holley, let her come here. It doesn't matter."

"But..." Holley frowned slightly. Apparently, he was a little worried.

"It doesn't matter." Julia smiled and said to Holley, "She can't do anything to me."

"That's right." With a smile, Jean said, "You're so stubborn now. How can I do anything to you? You kicked Abby out of the film crew quietly. Sister, I really have a new appraisal of you now. "

It was really ridiculous that the submissive and timid Julia pretended to be innocent.

Seeing that Julia insisted, Holley didn't say anything. He turned to Jean and said, "You'd better be careful. If you dare to bully Julia, I'll teach you a lesson."

Instead of getting angry, Jean smiled and said, "Don't worry. How can I bully her?"

Julia glanced at Holley and said, "Holley, why don't you say hello to the director first? I'll be back soon."

Julia didn't know what on earth Jean was going to say, so she found an excuse to send Holley away.

Holley nodded. As soon as he left, Jean said to Julia in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "I really admire you, sister. On the one hand, you keep pestering Terence, and on the other hand, you make Holley so loyal to you. Sister, these two men are completely different from each other. You…… Which one do you like? "

"Is that why you came to me?" "If you just want to say these words, you can leave now," said Julia with a sneer to Jean.

"Sister, don't you even want to wear a mask now?" With a sneer, Jean continued, "Where on earth did the submissive Julia go? Or Now

ce darkened. "Don't be complacent too early. Even if he doesn't come with me, it doesn't mean anything."

"Yes, yes." Julia smiled and said seriously, "Jean, I'll say something for the last time. Listen to me clearly."

With a cold face, she said to Jean, "Our relationship had come to an end when you and Mandy accused me of not supporting her. Moreover, now I know that you and I are not biological sisters at all, so..."

After a pause, Julia continued, "So you have to listen to me clearly. I won't do anything next. I'll fight with you for whatever you like. I just want to see you sad and painful for Terence, so that I can be happy."

Said Julia with a sneer. She didn't know if it was out of revenge or affection for Terence. Anyway, she didn't want to see Terence standing with Jean.

"You will regret if you oppose me like this." Jean sneered, "Don't you really think about it anymore?"

Julia smiled and said to Jean. "No, thanks…… Even if I don't provoke you, you won't let me go. "

It would be better to fight head on.

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