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   Chapter 296 Promise

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A flash of embarrassment flashed across her face when Jean heard the reporter's question.

In fact, before coming here, Jean had gone to see Terence and hoped that Terence could attend the event with her. After all, the relationship between the two hadn't been officially announced to the public. She thought that Terence would help her for the sake of the past relationship between them.

But to her surprise, Terence refused her without a word, and even didn't meet her.

Only then did Jean realize that she had really made a big mistake this time.

If Terence didn't see her, then the relationship between her and Terence would be over.

So after she put on makeup, she went to see Terence again and begged him to attend the party with her. But this time, Terence unexpectedly insisted and refused to appear in front of the media with Jean.

Even if Jean told him that Julia would also attend, it was useless.

Jean had begged him for a long time, but Terence didn't agree, which was also the reason why she was late today.

When the reporters asked about it, on the one hand, Jean was very nervous, on the other hand, she was also very remorseful. She regretted what she had done before. She was too anxious for quick success and instant benefit, so she ended up like this.

"Miss. Gu, give us a reply. Is there really something wrong with your relationship? " The reporters asked aggressively.

At the beginning, Jean was still in a daze, but now she finally came to her senses. She smiled and said to the reporters in front of her, "How could it be? Our relationship has always been stable. Now we are discussing about the wedding. Don't think too much. "

"I don't know when Miss. Gu will get married. Please invi

y at a glance. They were talking about something, and Julia laughed from time to time, attracting many people's attention.

Jean was really unhappy to see Julia like this.

Why was she so painful now? Every step she took was like treading on thin ice. But Julia was so easy. Every time she was at danger, at the critical moment, someone always helped her out of danger?

The more Jean thought about it, the more unbalanced she felt. Wasn't it because of Julia that Terence treated her like this?

When Jean came to her senses, she had already stood in front of Julia and Holley.

Holley stood up and stood in front of her. He asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

"What? When did you hire a bodyguard? " With a big smile on her face, Jean said ruthlessly. She looked at Holley and said, "Are you afraid that I will hurt my sister? In public? "

Holley sneered and said, "Who knows what you are going to do?"

"Don't worry. I just want to have a talk with my sister. We haven't had a good talk for a long time." Jean said with a cold face, "Sister, don't you even give me such a chance?"

"Are you sure you want to talk to me like this?"

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