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   Chapter 295 Questioning

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"That person?" Hearing this, Julia was stunned and asked Jessie, "Miss Chen, what do you mean?"

"Nothing." Jessie smiled and said to Julia, "Enjoy tonight. The play will begin tomorrow."

After saying that, Jessie left, leaving Julia alone. She kept wondering what did she mean by saying that?

Did someone really say something to Jessie?

Then who was this person?

Could it be that…… Terence?

No, it's impossible. How could Terence be so kind? It's impossible.

"What are you thinking about?" When Julia was at a loss, Holley came up and said to her, "Why standing here so long time?"

"Nothing." It was not until then that Julia came to her senses. When she turned around and saw the direction of the door, she found that Jean had also arrived.

Well, she was still the scriptwriter of this play, so it was normal for her to appear here.

"Miss Gu is here?" Jessie walked up to her first and held her hand with a smile. The reporters surrounded them. They all wanted to know how Jean would deal with Jessie after Jessie fired the actress under her.

"Miss Chen." Jean smiled and said, "I got a call from Abby before I arrived at the door…… Is there any misunderstanding? "

"Misunderstanding?" Jessie smiled and said to Jean, "Miss Gu, you were there too. I saw it with my own eyes. How could it be a misunderstanding?"

"I know." With a bitter smile on her face, Jean said to Jessie, "Miss Chen, I know you always give rewards and punishments. But Abby is now an actress of my company, and you know that. Abby was also deceived by what happened at that time. She was a little naive girl."

"Miss Chen, when I sold my script to you, I told you that I had to arra

t happened before? "

The reporter's questions were more and more tricky, but Jean was not afraid at all.

She smiled and said to the reporters in front of her, "Maybe we don't know much about Abby. In fact, Abby is a very sunny and positive girl. When she had a misunderstanding with Miss. Chen, she was young and thoughtless and was cheated by others. But as the saying goes, a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold. I believe that after that incident, Abby has changed, so I'm willing to give her the chance. "

Then Jean looked at Abby and said with a smile, "And I believe that Abby won't let me down, right?"

"Miss. Gu, don't worry. You gave me a chance. I will try my best to act well and prove to everyone that your choice is correct." Abby promised confidently.

Hearing this, the reporters began to care about Jean's personal feelings. "Miss Gu, we all know that you are Terence's fiancee and that you have always been in good relationship, but…… Why didn't Mr. Chen attend the opening ceremony of Prime Minister's Daughter Got Married with you? Is there anything wrong with your relationship? "

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