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   Chapter 290 Reunion

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5590

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"Then you underestimate my sister." Julia smiled and said to the reporters, "My sister is famous for her magnanimity. How could she be angry with me for such a trifle?"

"So you think it's just a trifle?" The thin monkey continued to ask, "Do you think it's just a trifle to kiss your brother-in-law, Miss Gu?"

Julia said, "I'm an actress The most important thing is to do my job well. Since Mr. Chen asked me to shoot an advertisement, I naturally have to do the best. I indeed proposed the proposal of kissing scene, but I just set the quality of the advertisement in mind. I absolutely have no other meaning. "

Julia smiled and continued, "Oh, by the way, when I proposed this idea, Jean was also there."

The thin monkey was stunned for a moment, and did not know how to deal with Julia. However, Julia smiled and said to the reporters in front of her, "Everyone, today It's the opening ceremony of Prime Minister's Daughter Got Married. You have almost asked me what you should ask and what you shouldn't. I hope you guys can pay more attention to this play after entering. Thank you first. "

Then she turned around and walked inside.

The movie was planned by MN Films. As soon as Julia entered the room, she saw Jessie. Jessie looked much more relaxed, Julia heard that she had just handled the divorce.

"Mr. Chen." "I'm Julia," Julia greeted Jessie.

"I know you." Jessie looked at her up and down and said, "You are really a good girl. No wonder someone can't forget you."

Jessie had a good relationship with Terence, so she knew from a long time that Julia was the one in his heart.

Mr. Chen, what did you say?" Confused, Julia looked at Je

you want to Have a talk with me? "

"Abby." With a cold face, Julia shook off Abby's hand and said to Abby, "You and I don't have a relationship anymore. Now we are in the same team, we don't have to deal with each other deliberately. As for what you just said... "

"I think you and I There is nothing to talk about. "

Looking at Abby coldly, Julia said, "Get out of the way."

"Really?" Hearing what Julia said, Abby didn't get angry but laughed. She looked at Julia and said, "Julia, after all, I was your assistant before. Are you so indifferent?"

"Abby." "You know better than anyone else what happened. Don't waste your time here. You'd better spend more time on the crew."

"You are right." Abby sneered, "How capable you are! You have achieved what you have today by relying on your own acting skills. I really admire you."

Looking at Abby's expression, Julia felt uncomfortable.

She remembered that when Abby was with her, she was also a lovely and obedient girl. How could she become so cruel in such a short time?

"What do you want to say?" "Don't be so sarcastic in front of me."

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