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   Chapter 289 Interview

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"Do you think those reporters will care about the authenticity of this matter?" With a sigh, Consuela said to Julia, "Those reporters won't care about the authenticity of this matter as long as they can write news with a high attention."

With a frown, she asked, "Then What should I say? "

"At that time, no matter what those reporters ask, you just say that you can't tell them." Consuela said to Julia as she took care of Julia's dress.

"No way!" Julia frowned and said to Consuela, "You know, if I say so, those reporters will surely talk nonsense. Even if there is nothing between me and Holley, there will be something after news."

"That's exactly what I want." With a smile, Consuela said to Julia, "Julia, after the TV series was broadcast, although you have a certain reputation in H City, it is far from enough. At present, the way to quickly increase your reputation is to hype couple news. You have a good relationship with Holley. I believe he will definitely help you."

"No, absolutely not." Julia frowned and said, "Consuela, you're my agent. I can promise you anything you want, but this is the only thing I can't."

"Why?" Confused, Consuela looked at Julia and said, "Julia, I did this for you. You like acting so much. Only when you become popular can we have more scenes to shoot."

"I know, but I don't want to do this. " With a wry smile, Julia said to Consuela, "I'm a friend of Holley, It can't be changed, but If we have the relationship of hype couple, how can I meet him in the future? I can't hurt my friend like this. "

"How can it be hurt? This is called taking what we need. Don't Holley need to hype li

the voice, Julia saw a thin man with a calculating face. He was as thin as a monkey, but his face was full of schemes.

"Go ahead." Julia suddenly felt something wrong. She felt that he seemed to be waiting for her somewhere.

But she was too embarrassed to refuse him in front of so many reporters.

As soon as she finished her words, she saw a strange smile on the man's face. The next question immediately confused Julia.

"I heard that Miss Gu was with Terence, the CEO of the HT Company, when she was shooting an advertisement a few days ago. It is well known that Terence is the fiance of Jean, your sister. I heard that you two behaved intimately during the advertisement shooting. At last, you also suggested to the director to add a kissing scene. Miss Gu, is this true?"

Hearing this question, Julia was stunned. She didn't expect that it would spread out.

She hesitated for a while and finally nodded. "Yes. Is there any problem?"

A strange smile flashed across the thin monkey's face. "But Terence is your sister-in-law Aren't you afraid that your sister will be angry? "

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