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   Chapter 287 Misunderstanding

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5719

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"Yes." Terence nodded and said to Julia.

"In fact, I just wanted to see your reaction at the beginning, but later I've been thinking about it for a long time, then I haven't explained it. " Terence sighed.

"Why did you tell me today?" Julia asked with a frown.

"Because..." Terence paused and continued, "Because I don't want you to misunderstand me anymore."

Terence held her hand and said affectionately, "Julia, we have known each other for a long time. Maybe I was not a good husband before, but during the time we were apart, I have been asking myself, do I really want to be a passer-by with you like this? The answer is, of course, No. I can't control myself not to think about you. No matter where you go, my eyes will always follow you involuntarily. "

Terence smiled bitterly, "I kept you by my side in that way. I thought I could tie you to my side firmly, but later I found that I would only push you farther and farther away from me."

Hearing Terence's words, Julia felt uncomfortable. She had thought that everything between her and Terence was end, but she didn't expect that Terence would repent one day.

"So I took this opportunity to keep you by my side. I didn't mean anything else. I just want to stay with you for a little longer. Even if I just take a look at you, I feel much more comfortable." Terence took out a box and handed it to Julia. "Open it."

"This is..." Julia froze for a moment and asked Terence.

"Open it and have a look." Urged Terence.

Julia opened the box and found that it was the necklace used for the shooting these days. She was stunned and asked Terence, "What What do you mean? "

"Do you know the origin of this necklace?" Terence smiled

w, you still don't believe what I said. You always think that it was me who was shameless to drug you and climb into your bed at that time, and you forgave me generously, right?"

Julia couldn't help laughing. It turned out that Terence still didn't believe her.

"Julia, what are you doing?" Terence frowned slightly and said to Julia, "I've told you, no matter what happened in the past, I don't want to know it anymore. Let's live a good life, okay?"

"No." Said Julia firmly.

What she hated most in her life was being framed and misunderstood. She had been tolerating for three years because she liked Terence before.

But now she had jumped out of the pit. She didn't want to jump into it again.

She just wanted to prove her innocence.

"Mr. Chen." With a sigh, Julia said to Terence, "Thank you for saying so much to me today. It turns out that I'm not the only one who has been suffering for so many years."

Julia smiled and continued, "To be honest, I also want to live a good life with you, but The most important thing between a couple is trust. If you can't even do this, I think we'd better not be together. "

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