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   Chapter 283 Reverse the Situation

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5520

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"So I have to thank Jean?" Julia smiled and said to Terence.

Looking at the slovenly look of Julia, Terence became more and more angry. He said to Julia with a cold face, "Don't talk nonsense here. I thought you must have changed these days, but I didn't expect you to go even further. If you don't make it clear today, I won't let you go."

Hearing this, a successful smile appeared on the face of Jean, who had been hiding behind Terence.

Julia smiled and ignored Terence. She walked up to Jean, lowered her head and said with grievance, "My dear Jean, about what happened today It's really my fault. "

"It doesn't matter..." Jean didn't expect that Julia would give in so soon.

In her impression, Julia was definitely not the kind of person who would easily mistake her for someone else. She always felt that there was a plot in this matter.

Jean looked at Julia embarrassedly and said, "It's not a big deal. It's all Terence's fault. He always likes to make everyone know."

With a red face, Jean complained about Terence happily.

Just as Terence was about to say something, Julia opened her mouth, "But You said that in front of me. I don't regret it. "

"What nonsense are you talking about?" The expression on Jean's face changed. She knew it was not that simple.

It seemed that this bitch, Julia, had really made up her mind to go against her.

Jean said to Julia with a cold face, "Julia, I didn't say anything."

"What did she say?" Terence asked coldly.

"She..." With a bitter smile, Julia lowered her head and said to Terence, "She said I..."

She hesitated for a long time, but finally she couldn't say anyt

ay anything. I sold all my property and even took... "

With a bitter smile, Julia took a look at Terence. From her glance, Terence knew what Julia was going to say.

"I have given mom so much money at one time. She must have done a lot for you to buy a house, right?" Julia smiled bitterly. "If I had known that she was not my mother, would I have been willing to give so much money and bear so much anger?"

"You..." Jean was so angry that she had the upper hand just now. Why did everything change in the meeting?

"Jean..." Terence, who was standing next to them, put on a cold face. Now he finally understood why Julia had been renting such a small place. And compared with Jean's house, it was really a huge difference.

Terence was very angry when he thought that he bought a house for Jean with the alimony he gave Julia.

With a cold face, he asked Jean, "Is what she said true?"

"No, Terence, it's not true," Jean said in a hurry, "I don't have a good relationship with Julia, but my mother treats us equally. It's so heartbreaking that Julia slandered her with such words."

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