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   Chapter 281 Is it important

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"Is it important? " "The most important thing is that if I don't find it out by myself, how long do you plan to hide it from me?" Julia sneered at Jean.

Jean looked at Julia and said, "So what can you do? "

"What can I do? " Julia sneered, "You two want to hide it from me for a lifetime. You see that I'm in the dark and feel sorry for myself on the one hand. Why does Mandy have such a big difference in attitude towards us two? On the one hand, she has been brought up by me. No matter what she says, I can only agree."

"Does it matter whose daughter you are?" Jean sneered, "Even if you are not my mother's real daughter, she brought you up these years. Isn't this better than your irresponsible mother?"

"I don't allow you to say that to her." It took her a long time to know her relationship with Vivian, but she didn't expect that she had already passed away. She could only look at her photos day by day and miss her.

Although she hadn't taken care of herself for a day, but She would never allow Jean to say that to her.

"Did I say anything wrong?" "If mom knows that she has raised you for such a long time, but you hurt her feelings for a woman you have never met, she must be very sad."

After a pause, Jean continued, "These years, she has known that you are a child of another woman, but she still treats you as her own daughter. What you said really makes her sad. How can you deserve her upbringing?"

"The upbringing?" "When she slandered me in front of the media, this debt of gratitude has been severed," said Julia with a sneer at Jean.

"Which mother would

ave the ability, but..."

"But don't forget, if I can keep Terence by my side, will I be afraid that I won't be able to survive in this circle?" Julia smiled and said to Jean.

"You..." Jean was really scared. She was afraid that if Julia fought with her, everything she had done before would fall short of success.

"Sister..." Jean held Julia' hand and said, "You and Terence are not meant for each other, aren't you? You have been married once, and you divorced because it was not appropriate. In that case, can you give him to me? I really like him. You Just let me happy again. "

"Enough, Jean." "Don't pretend to be pitiful in front of me. Terence is a man. He is not a toy that can be used, not to mention..." said Julia impatiently, shaking off Jean's hand.

Julia sneered and continued, "Moreover, I feel indescribable comfortable to see you suffer."

"You..." It was the first time that Jean had been defeated. She was so angry that she spoke incoherently. "Julia, let's wait and see. Sooner or later, I will let you know how powerful I am."

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