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   Chapter 280 When Did You Know

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"For work, I think you are just taking this opportunity to seduce Terence." Said Jean angrily.

"Jean!" "Don't go too far," rebuked Terence with a cold face.

"I..." Only then did Jean realize that she had made a gaffe. She looked at Terence awkwardly and didn't know what to do.

Looking at the situation in front of her coldly, Julia could not help sneering.

'Jean, you are just so.'

'Terence can make you panic.'

"Take your time. I'm leaving now." Said Julia, glancing at Terence indifferently.

Terence didn't stop Julia. After watching her leave, he pulled Jean aside and asked coldly, "Jean, don't you think what you said just now is too much?"

"Terence, I..." Jean kept thinking about how to deal with it. It took her a lot of efforts to get to this point. She couldn't let any accident destroy Terence's trust in her.

She couldn't help smiling bitterly and said to Terence, "Terence, I did this for your own good."

"For my own good? What do you mean? " Terence asked in confusion.

Jean sighed and said to Terence, "I know you want to get my sister back now, but you can't be too anxious. First You are my nominal fiancé now. On the other hand, Julia doesn't have that kind of feelings for you now. "

After a pause, Jean continued, "Although we two are just partners, the outsiders don't know. Everyone in the crew thinks that you are my fiancé. I'm a girl. A girl doesn't feel anything when she sees her fiancé filming with another woman. Is that normal?"

"What's more She is my sister and your sister-in-law. Don't you think it's strange? " Asked Jean, tilting her head.

t's because you don't deserve my trust."

Jean sneered, "Julia, if you dare to entangle with Terence again, I will not let you go, not to mention me..."

Before Jean finished her words, Julia interrupted her impatiently.

"Don't mention your mother in front of me, Jean." Julia stared at Jean with hatred.

"My mother?" There was a bad feeling in her heart, but Jean still asked angrily, "Julia, what do you mean? Isn't that your mother? Don't you listen to her now? "

"Jean, don't talk in secret in front of an open person. Even if I don't tell you something, it doesn't mean that I don't know it. Do you really think I'm a fool?" Julia sneered, "Mandy has nothing to talk to you. Don't you know that I'm not her biological daughter at all?"

"You..." Hearing this, Jean's face changed a little.

"What? Do you think I am still the fool who is kept in the dark by you? " Julia sneered, "Jean, it feels good to keep me in the dark, doesn't it? Have you seen enough of me being so obsequious to Mandy? "

Jean looked at Julia and asked, "When did you know?"

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