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   Chapter 279 Work Needs

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5640

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"In fact, you don't have to do that." Terence looked at Jean helplessly and said, "It's all my fault last time. I'll treat you a meal to compensate you."

"No way!" With a smile, Jean said to Terence, "I promised to treat you a meal to make up for you. How can I let you treat me? Besides, you have helped me a lot. "

As she spoke, Jean took out the lunch box and said to Terence, "Have a taste. I have made your favorite sweet and sour spareribs."

Jean said to Terence, "I've cooked it for the whole morning. If you don't eat it, you'll embarrass me."

Looking at Jean helplessly, Terence had no choice but to compromise.

He glanced at Julia and pulled Julia over. "Julia, have some with me."

"Me?" With a smile, Julia said to Terence, "I don't want to eat it. It's what Jean made for you."

"It doesn't matter." Terence said, "She has cooked so much that I can't eat it all by myself. Besides, you are not an outsider, Jean, right?"

"…… Yes. " In front of Terence, Jean didn't say anything more. He could only smile awkwardly and said to Julia, "But I think you have an appointment at noon, right? It's not good if your date is delayed. "

When Jean said this, she gave a warning look to Julia. Normally, Julia would leave sensibly, but today she didn't.

She smiled and said, "No, I don't have an appointment. I was worrying about what to eat for lunch, so you sent it here."

With a slight smile, Julia said to Jean, "Then If you don't mind, I'll eat with you? "

Without waiting for Jean's answer, Julia sat down beside Terence.

Seeing that Julia didn't know how to behave, Jean hated her very much, but she couldn't lose her temper. She could only sit as

omise her so easily? It's really not appropriate. It's just an advertisement. Why do you have to work so hard? "

"Although it's just an advertisement, we all want to present a better effect." "It's my business, Jean." said Terence indifferently.

As soon as Terence said this, Jean's face darkened.

Although it was a simple sentence, the meaning was obvious.

He was telling Jean that his business had nothing to do with her.

"I'm leaving now." Julia stood up and said to Terence, "I just have an opinion. I don't care if you think it's not appropriate. You can coax her. After all She is your fiancee. "

"Julia, it's not like that..." Seeing that Julia was about to leave, Terence stopped her in a hurry.

When he was about to explain, Jean said with a cold face, "Julia, it's just an advertisement. Why did you make such a scene of kissing? Can a girl's kiss be so easily given out to you?"

"My dear Jean, what are you thinking about?" Julia smiled and said to Jean, "I'm just an actress. My duty is to shoot well in TV and advertising. For an actress, this is just a work need. Is there any problem?"

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